Foundever™ Appoints John Sneed As New Head Of Palawan

Foundever™, a global leader in the CX (customer experience) industry, has appointed John Sneed as the new head of Palawan Operations. As the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Foundever in the Philippines, he takes over the Palawan post from Eden Gutierrez who is now VP for Asia Pacific and Country Head of Foundever in China and a new location in Southeast Asia. 

These new postings are expected to boost the organization’s growth efforts, as well as sustain its commitment to create the best moments for its customers and associates in the region.

Sneed brings with him 30 years of experience in the CX industry. Born in Massachusetts, he began his career in the United States as a support representative for a software company and worked his way to the top until he oversaw day-to-day operations in international positions.

His history with Foundever started in 2011 when he joined SYKES, which had a global rebrand as Foundever in 2023, following its acquisition by Sitel Group. As SVP and GM, he is the concurrent head of the company’s Cebu area and some accounts in Metro Manila where he developed and delivered growth-focused strategies resulting in high customer satisfaction and growth. 

“John has truly embraced Cebu’s rich and distinct culture and considers himself a Filipino –at heart,” said Ravi Iyengar, COO for Foundever in the AsiaPacific region. “We are excited to see John lead and grow with our people in Palawan and guide them towards global excellence and recognition.”

Sneed’s accomplishments in the industry received international recognition in 2019, when he was awarded as one of the Outstanding Leaders of Asia by the ACES (Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability) organization.

He is a wholehearted advocate for the wellbeing of all team members and has pushed for additional benefits programs that created among employees a strong culture of excellence, teamwork and high engagement. 

Asked about his plans leading Palawan, Sneed replied: “Our team members in Palawan are known to give their best in pouring their talent, dedication, hard work and genuine care and concern into providing the best customer experience. I expect that, together, we would sustain that excellent standard of service. It goes without saying that our immediate goal is to give our best to grow the business—by expanding our customer base and diversifying our offerings. In the process, we would contribute to providing more jobs to Palaweños and a measure of development to the community.”

Meanwhile, Sneed’s predecessor Eden Gutierrez, a true-blue homegrown talent of Palawan, will oversee the entire business operations of Foundever in China and a few U.S. market-based operations in the national capital region. She will also take charge of a new market that Foundever is opening in the Asia Pacific region later in 2024.