Four Ideas To Help You Save Money On Car Keys: Is It Time for A Replacement?

It is very frustrating to a car owner when the car keys are lost, broken, or locked inside the vehicle. When it happens, only a visit to the hardware store will save the day. But car replacement isn’t easy. It can be a real pain. Locksmith services are now more expensive owing to the technological advancement of modern vehicles. Depending on the car model you are driving, you should be prepared to part with several thousands of dollars to re-key your vehicle.

Car owners are now opting for transponder keys to prevent car thefts. These are the keys of choice for most modern vehicles. Though a viable option, the key replacement does not come cheap due to the high coding and programming costs. How Can You Save Money on Car Keys?Lucky for you, there are approaches you can now use to ensure the seamless working of your car key and also get a replacement without denting your pockets, as discussed below.

1.  Always Have an Extra Key You must always ask for spare keys before buying a car. Most car dealers offer this service. It significantly saves time and money when car keys are lost or broken. When you have a spare key, all you will need is a duplicated key from a locksmith. It costs less to re-key your car using this technique than getting a new key altogether. Save money and time by purchasing the spare key yourself and then hire a competent locksmith to program it for you.

2. Use Your Local Cars Key Repair Services Get a good deal for car keys repair by hiring a local and independent company rather than outsourcing far-off or unknown dealers. Submit your vehicle registration and some reliable proof that you are the vehicle’s registered owner. Your nearest car key experts specialize in taking a faulty devices and replacing just the needed parts and not the whole key. They understand all key problems, what causes them, and how to get the key working reliably again. Contact them as soon as possible if your key has broken cases or blades and faulty buttons.

3. File an Insurance Claim Register an insurance claim as soon as your keys are lost or broken. But you must ensure that lost keys time conditions are met as stipulated in the key lost policy before lodging a claim. Insurance guidelines provide the cost coverage for acquiring a new set of spare keys.  Some insurance companies cover the shipping of new keys from another nation. As a car owner, you must read and understand the fine print before purchasing a car-key replacement insurance policy. Some policies also offer car hire services when you are stranded after breaking or losing your car keys. This is superb, especially if you have to wait for your car keys to be shipped in for a few days.

4.   Get Shockproof and Waterproof Keys These kinds of keys have none or minimal complaints regarding breaking or wearing out. They are ideal for people with active lifestyles. Locksmith services deliver quality and at an economical rate compared to car dealers. You may also get yourself a waterproof key case to offer protection against water, dirt, or shocks. If you are into watersports, such as diving or surfing, the fear of your car getting stolen is eliminated. The case allows you to carry the keys into the waters without compromising its functionalities. Shockproof and waterproof keys will ultimately save you money as a car owner.

Additional Tips

·   If the car keys are not functioning as expected, check the batteries. Dead batteries will affect the key’s optimal performance. Ensure you replace the batteries immediately so the car keys can work without a hitch. You do this by unscrewing the keys back, removing the old batteries, and replacing them with new ones.

·   If burglars are a concern and you want to boost your home and car protection, consider installing a surveillance camera. But be ready to incur high costs of installation. A creative way to go about it would be to put up a surveillance sign and hope that it scares off any criminals. Alternatively, you can get decoy cameras that look as good as the real ones. If you still opt for the real thing, locksmiths will advise on the options available. The cameras fitted with motion sensors are the most cost-effective.

·    You should consider getting a key locator device if you have a habit of misplacing your car keys. This electronic device is designed to locate stolen or lost items such as keys, tools, or luggage. It rings or lights up once it detects the lost item’s location, whether at home or workplace. It is a cheap gadget that will save you a lot of frustration. Also, tape your email address on the car keys if you mostly misplace them around town.

·    Find the vehicle identification number used in identifying the car’s model. It is a 17 digit unique number usually located on the driver’s side of the dashboard. After finding it, present it to your local auto locksmith for further help. There are garage technicians who are not experts but can help you when no better option is available. If you opt for their services, bear in mind that they are not as equipped as the locksmiths.

·         If nothing works after exploring all options, you may go to the dealership. Although they are expensive, you are assured of results, especially if you only have one key and no spare. You only need to find a dealership near you, then call to check if they have the experts and tools to replace your car key for your specific vehicle model. A dealership is a better choice for the very modern vehicles because they may be too new for the local locksmiths


Losing or getting your car’s keys stolen is stressful, especially when in an area where proper help is not easy to come by. While traditional car locks are easy to handle, the situation is different for electronic keys because they require specialized equipment, more time and skill to craft a replacement. If you are keen on saving money, seek the services of your local locksmiths. They offer economical solutions, and quality is always guaranteed.



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