Four Reasons Metal Roofing Is The Perfect Design Option For Your Home

Metal roofing is now considered a viable design option for a majority of homes except those with extremely flat roof pitches. In many cases, these metal roofing does not look like metal. There are now numerous metal shingles type products that can be distinguished from classical asphalt shingle roofs. Because of this, you may want to consider purchasing a metal roof in your local roofing supply store.

Metal roofs are not a novelty anymore

Previously metal roofing was considered a high-end feature of architect-designed homes. It is no longer valid. Metal roofing is increasingly found to be practical even in conventional houses. There are increased availability and improved manufacturing process of metal roofing. According to data, the market share for metal roofing has been growing at a rate of roughly 3% per year annually.

Metal roofing can be installed over your existing roof

Metal roofs can be positioned over your existing roof without ever having to tear out the shingles as long as the local building codes allow for it. Although shingle removal is the preferred choice, tearing off is messy and raises the job’s cost.

A typical problem with this type of installation is the trapped water vapor. If there is trapped moisture between the metal roofing and the older roofing moisture, it can build up and result in mold and rot. However, roofers have the option of installing a vented metal roof that eradicates this potential problem. It will still raise the metal optimally and provide an optimum air pocket between layers.

It is critical to consult with your local building code before installing a metal roof over old shingles. Some localities may require a complete tear-off when you are planning on installing a new roof. It will help of you check your local roofing supply for awesome designs for your roofing projects.

Metal roofs are not a lot louder than asphalt roofing

Although it is a typical misconception that metal roofs are noisy once weather elements falls on their surface, the reality is that metal roofing is not a lot louder than any other type of roofing when it is correctly installed. You must install metal roofing over a solid foundation. Additionally, the attic, as well as the installation, provides an optimum sound barrier.

Metal roofing is lightning proof

There is a wrong notion that a metallic roof will attract lightning strikes. However, no statistic or fact backs this. According to experts, metal roofing does not in any way increase the risk of a lightning strike in your home. Not only that, but in the event of a lightning strike, the metal roofing is not as combustible compared to traditional roofing material such as shingles.

Since roofing is considered an electrical conductor and a noncombustible material, it just might be the most desirable construction during a lightning event.

The reason that metal roofs are lightning proof is lightning seeks a pathway to the ground. Because of this, trees, telephone poles, as well as other tall structures tend to attract lightning. Metal roofing is an isolated structural component, and there is no direct pathway to the ground in their design. 


You have probably seen homes that look attractive and sophisticated because of their metal roofing. Don’t be left behind and adopt this innovative style in your home if your house’s design and build are suitable to this material. There are numerous advantages to metal roofing, such as lightning proof and resistance to rot and decay.



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