Four Ways To Make Hybrid Learning A Success In 2022

The past two years have created thousands of experts in online learning, among students, teachers, and parents. However, many have not yet mastered a new art: hybrid learning, which is different from both fully-online and fully-offline learning.

Here are four key qualities to look out for when you’re looking to upgrade:

1.   Flexibility that fits your learning style

The most effective laptops for a hybrid environment are versatile and emphasize engagement while limiting distractions. This is a critical point when we consider three-quarters of educators find their students struggle with losing concentration during sessions, while over half of students report distractions in their home environments.

To limit distractions, try a convertible design like the Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook. The detachable screen and touchscreen are perfect for students who want to vary up the ways and locations in which they look at a screen, engage more tactilely with their learning or exercise options when taking notes.

2.   Pet-proof and transport-proof durability

Your device is only as good as its ability to stand up against wear and tear – including that from cats, dogs, and other pets, who have become common participants in online classrooms. The hybrid era also means that devices are transported more frequently, not only between rooms, but from school to home.

To make sure your device has the durability to support you in your daily learning and teaching, pay attention to the results of tests like MIL-SPEC, which companies use as a standard measure of durability, ruggedness and reliability. The test can serve as an indicator that devices like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme and ThinkPad L13 Yoga can hold up to a range of conditions including humidity, vibration and a variety of temperatures.

3. Weight and battery life that keep up with the hybrid life

The frequent transport requirements of a hybrid environment also make light weight and a long battery life more important.

A lightweight device like the Lenovo ThinkPad X12 detachable serves the role of both a laptop and a tablet, with a pen that enables users to take notes or sketch as they need. It also has a good battery life, freeing users from carrying around a charger at all times.

4.   The right combination of software and hardware

Education needs can change fast. According to the Lenovo-Microsoft Education Technology Study 2021, 86% of educators and 66% of students expect to further increase their spending on learning technology in the upcoming year to ensure they are up to speed. A combination of the right device with a flexible operating system is vital to supporting classroom technology solutions today and for the rest of the school year.

The Windows 11 operating system comes pre-installed on all Lenovo devices. It operates well both online and offline, can support both current and future digital school content and resources, and provides unlimited cloud storage for education. This way, educators and students can worry less about tech support and focus more on learning.


Hybrid learning is still a work-in-progress, but learning doesn’t have to be. As we approach a new year with new demands for hybrid learning, it’s important to look ahead to what hybrid might require. For a student properly equipped to learn, new avenues of education don’t have to be a burden – they can be opportunities.

Get the best hybrid learning experience with the Lenovo ThinkPad line and contact a Lenovo sales representative for more information and place an order. All mentioned units are available on an order basis.