From Tapioca Pearls to Inflatable Pools: Surprising Products That People Are Buying During the Pandemic

During the ECQ, Filipinos have been spending more time online and are mostly finding creative ways to learn new skills as well as new ways to bond with family and friends. Shoppers have also turned to Lazada to search and add to cart products that would keep them busy.

“We’ve definitely seen a significant shift in what Filipinos are searching for and adding to cart in Lazada during the ECQ. While most Filipinos have been turning to Lazada for their essential needs, many have also been buying products to help them learn a new skill or create family bonding moments. Whatever their interest might be, Lazada has the products that they’re searching for,” says Neil Trinidad, Lazada Philippines’ Chief Marketing Officer.

With 30 Million searches on Lazada every day, wonder what consumers have been searching for on the platform? Here are some of the interesting things that people have been searching for and adding to cart during the quarantine period:

Tapioca pearls

With safe distancing measures in place, many F&B outlets have suspended their operations. This meansmany bubble tea fanatics are missing their favorite drink and the only way to satisfy their cravings is to recreate their own “bespoke”BBT drink at home.

Aside from tapioca pearls being one of the best sellers on the platform, customers are also seen to be stocking up on household essentials driving 15-times increase in orders of essential goods. Yup, Lazada has fresh and frozen products too alongside your favorite household staples.

If you’re looking for your favorite food brands and fresh produce to be delivered straight to your doorstep, check out these brands available on the platform: Mekeni Food Corp, Swift, Zagana,Pampanga’s Best, and Kitchen Mark’s housing your household favorites such as Potato Corner, Robina Farms, Argentina, and Tous Les Jours.

Baking and cooking equipment

Almost everyone is showing off their home cooking talents on social media. Whether it is homemade banana bread or ube cheese pandesal or simply making waffle batter from scratch, the kitchen seems to be the “comfort zone” many people are spending their time in.To dine in and cook more often at home, people have been on the lookout for kitchen utensils and equipment for their cooking and baking needs driving more than three-times increase in orders of related kitchenware.


There was a surge in people trying to embrace their natural beauty by going bare-faced throughout the quarantine period. However, with the occasional video conferencing and presentations many still have to be part of, the need to look good still help working adults have a sense of normalcy while working from home. For others, this meant taking time to perfect the art of gorgeous winged eyeliner and contouring also meant that the search for beauty products have grown by almost three times.

Local beauty brands such as Sunnies Face and Colourette, as well as international beauty brands L’Oreal and Maybelline are some of the most searched items on the platform.

 Pambahay (Lounge Wear)

Now that there’s nowhere to go, everyone has surely been in pambahay clothes 24/7! While stocking up on essentials is expected during the quarantine, apparently, a lot have also been stocking up on their pambahaysets for their everyday attire. No reason to look any less chic in pambahay clothes! To complete the look, customers have also been searching for lingerie as well as slippers and sandals.

With the demand in sleep and lounge wear, Lazada’s recentpambahay Flash Sale sold more than 30,000 pambahay sets.

DJ Equipment

Music is truly a bonding element for most people – from pianists performing on their balconies, or opera from the rooftops to David Guetta spinning to a condominium complex to entertain folks on their balconies. Filipinos definitely also miss a good dance party as Lazada saw more than seven-times increase in orders of DJ equipment during the quarantine period.

 Yoga Mats

With no gyms opened, a lot have been turning to Lazada to purchase home workout essentials such as dumbbells, kettle bells, and even resistance bands. But what seems to be the dominant “must have” work out item? A good reliable yoga mat!Nearly 65,000 yoga mats have been sold during this quarantine period. Well, Filipinos are definitely emerging more flexible and perfecting that one hand tree pose right now for their next beach holiday sunrise photo opportunity.

Swimming Pools

When quarantine meets Manila heat, Filipinos sure know how to cool down with Swimming Pools being the top searched keyword this May! Since we’ll most likely not be able to have trips to the beach for the foreseeable future, more than 140,000 households have been creatively converting inflatable pools to beat the summer blues since the ECQ. For those who miss a good spa outing, throwing in a couple of bath bombs and bath salts can immediately turn that into a homemade relaxing sesh.

Many people definitely miss personal interactions, and social gatherings. At Lazada, we offer the next best thing where you can recreate these moments at home with the convenience of just adding to cart and checking out with the click of one finger.

Don’t miss out on the latest trends by checking out Lazada’s wide selection of brands under LazMall including new flagship stores such as Forever21, JBL Quantum, and Under Armour. Find out more by visiting,, and



  1. Erica Sosing
    June 4, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    Because they’re afraid to go outside momsh Kaya lahat na I oorder Nila online. And it’s really great and good to hear that Lazada is a one stop shop. Very convenient. And waiting for your order to arrive. 😊

  2. Tel Yamzon
    June 4, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    In demand nga ngayon yan momsh lalo na ang inflatable pool at yoga mats. Kami last april, bumili kami inflatable pool sa shopee. Mas mura kasi saknila compare sa mall at mga reseller. 😊

  3. Dhel Manog
    June 4, 2020 at 6:43 pm

    Malaking tulong talaga ngayong pandemic na may mga online shop very convenient at hassle free na ,like lazada ang daming mga product na pwedeng mabili !

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