Games That Kept Us Entertained During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, especially during the early stages of the pandemic has made a big changes to our daily routines and force us to spend more time at home. Schools are closed me, the way we socialize with the others, we are not allowed to go out and forced us to make us work from home because of the lockdowns.

If I will choose one good thing pandemic has bought us is that families are spending more timethan usual together. As a single mom, it made me more creative and strategic on how I keep make my daughter entertained and will not get bored since going out to the movies or the mall isn’t an option that time.

To be honest, I tried a lot of ways for her not to get bored and be entertained and one of the best ways is online games, of course! Since she is still attending online school that time and I also have online work, I scheduled a family game night every once a week so we can still relax even at the comfort of our home.

Finding games to play with the whole family can be difficult because for some, video games can be hard to learn, especially for those not accustomed. And many feature violence or other content parents find not suitable for children.

With enough time and resources, almost any board or party game can be played via online. Good thing, I found A site where you can play online games for FREE and you don’t need to download anything from your computer.

Here are some games that my family really enjoyed playing and help us be entertained during pandemic!


UNO is a popular games not only for kids but also for adults too where each each player tries to run out of cards first. What I love about this game is that rather than playing exclusively against computer opponents, you can also play against friends all around the world. My family really enjoyed playing this so if you love card games, this one is perfect game for you.


Ever since I was a child, I love guessing game! Any guessing game for me is a BIG YES! Guess Who is a classic board game where students select a character and then ask questions to try to figure out who the other player chose as their character before they get unmasked by the competing player.


I bet everyone knows this game! I remember that my friends and I usually play this game during our break time in our school. This is a popular classic game for kids where each player tries to get 3 in a row. In this game players can play on larger grid sizes where they must instead get 4 in a row.

Play together with kids and family members of all ages. Get your snacks ready, put on some music, and hit play!