Give Love This Valentine’s Day With Red Ribbon’s Limited Edition Valentine Black Forest Cake

Love is a wonderful journey of discovery. With time, people come to know new things to love about their loved ones — making them find more reasons to celebrate love each day. While every year presents a different set of challenges, it also inspires people to go further lengths in making their loved ones feel special.

This month of love, another perfect opportunity comes upon everyone to express their thoughtfulness and give love in the sincerest ways they can — from sending care packages to writing sweet tributes to planning a Valentine celebration (together or apart). And what better way to complement their efforts and show their love than with a Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest Cake: an elegant, heart-shaped creation that marks a true expression of a love most sincere.

Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest is a luscious chocolate fudge cake that comes in a limited edition heart-shaped design. It is topped with rich chocolate shavings and drizzles of Ruby chocolate — which is the world’s fourth kind of chocolate following milk, dark, and white — that offers that hint of fruitiness to elevate one’s black forest taste experience. To add to the romantic, luxurious look of the Valentine Black Forest cake, Red Ribbon finishes it with real Maraschino Cherries that are sure to swoon the hearts (and tastebuds) of many.

“The Valentine season is a very important celebration because it is a time when people are unapologetically sweet & expressive in showing their love and care for family, friends, or to their special someone. Red Ribbon carries its penchant for taste and quality through the carefully-concocted Valentine Black Forest Cake — which is a delightful and luxurious cake made with love in mind,” said Cathleen Capati, Head of Marketing for Red Ribbon.

Give love this Valentine’s Day through Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest cake that is sure to make every moment sweeter and more special. The heart-shaped cake is a Valentine’s Day exclusive and available only for a limited time, from February 12 to 14, 2022. The price starts at P650 for the regular size and P450 for the junior size.

Win the hearts of your loved ones by ordering the limited-edition Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest cake, available in Red Ribbon stores,, Red Ribbon RIA on Facebook Messenger, and Red Ribbon Delivery Hotline #87777.

You can also order via the Red Ribbon app, GrabFood, or Foodpanda.