Give Your Kid A Nutritious Breakfast Worthy Of Champions

MILO celebrates the launch of its #MILOBreakfastEveryday campaign that encourages parents to level-up the nutrition of their kids breakfasts. In a recent media roundtable entitled #MILOBreakfastEveryday: How to Level Up your Kids Nutrition from Home, MILO shared data-driven and research-based insights on the importance of having a nutritious breakfast and how it can be made even better when paired with a cup of MILO that provides more of the nourishing energy kids need to power through the day like a Champion. The event was graced by Chris Ang – Group Brand Manager of MILO Philippines, Charisma Sy – Corporate Nutritionist of Nestl矇 Philippines, and MILO-AAK karateka champion Jamie Lim.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides 20-35% of the daily energy we need. For kids especially, skipping breakfast may result in energy and nutrient deficiency, and even weakened immunity, so eating breakfast consistently every morning is an investment that has profound benefits in the short and long run. Moreover, adding a nutritious beverage like MILO can significantly increase the meals energy, B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium, said Sy.

By starting with a nutritious breakfast, parents are more assured that their kids are able to meet their daily needs and are more geared up for a Champion day ahead. Living proof of the benefits of a winning breakfast is Jamie Lim who bagged the gold during the 2019 SEA games in the Philippines. She also graduated summa cum laude in UP Diliman and is a member of the Philippine National Karate Team. On how she manages to be the best of both the academic and sports worlds,

Lim shared I give my 100% in everything that I do. I wake up every morning with a champion mindset and I stick to my routines, one of which is having a winning breakfast always with MILOs nourishing energy.

According to a consumer study MILO did this year, children now are restless and stressed. They resort to gadgets and social media to pass the time and escape the reality that theyre stuck at home. They also sleep and wake up later than they used to.

Sy offers one simple solution: To keep your kids happy, focused, alert, and masigla, start their day with a breakfast that provides them with the very much needed energy and nutrients to help them weather the negative effects of the pandemic. A nourishing breakfast can help children perform better in school and at home. They cannot be expected to be productive if they arent equipped with enough nutrients, so the perfect way to do this is by giving them the right breakfast to champ-start their day.

Now, in 2021, MILO continues to provide nourishing energy to Filipino children by encouraging them to champ start their day with a nutritious breakfast with MILO.

As a brand that has, for 50 years, helped nourish generations of Filipino kids with the winning energy and the iconic Chocomaltee taste that only MILO can provide, it is only right that we continue our vision to helping kids be the best they can be. MILO remains committed to nourishing kids with the nutritious energy and inspiration to grow in sports, now even more so with the pandemic and the at-home situation now having a profound effect on kids routines and energy. Nagbago man ang panahon, tuloy pa rin ang pagiging champion. We encourage kids and parents to start their day the champion way with a MILO Breakfast Everyday, said Chris Ang, MILOs Group Brand Manager.

The new normal is difficult to navigate and this is true for both parents and kids, but everything is possible with a champion mindset, and a winning breakfast habit. Visit to learn more about the MILO Breakfast Habit.