I don’t know if it’s just me but I really love and enjoy going to the grocery stores to buy our needs. Strolling, computing and even falling in line! For me, I consider grocery shopping as a me time. But as COVID-19 crisis continues and the government has implemented safety guidelines for us to follow, everything has changed. People now more on online shopping services to get their essentials delivered at their doorstep.

My number one priority now is the safety of my family that is why one of our rules now is that if things can be ordered online, we just order online. We try to limit our exposure outside thats why we only go outside when theres no absolute choice. Thankfully, I can always rely on the services provided by Grab. From Gradfood, Grab Car, Grab Express, Grab Pabili and now GrabMart, it made my life more easier and of course more safe.

To pay tribute to the delivery frontline heroes this Labor Day, southeast asian ride-hailing giant Grab released a video last May 1, 2021, honoring the valuable contributions of their Grab delivery-partners who are serving their consumers despite the challenging conditions.

Di mapapantayan ang lahat ng pagsisikap nyo sa pag deliver para saaming lahat. Kaya ngayong Labor Day, kami naman ang may surprise delivery para sa inyo, Grab Riders!

I’m really touched watching this video and left me teary-eyed. I know all of them are sacrificing their own health and their life to provide for their family and also for us, to deliver what we need. That is why every time I will book on Grab (even before), in my own little way, I make sure to give a tip to every rider that delivers to me. Sometimes, I also give them a burger or a meal too if I have extra budget.

GrabMart is the companys newest on-demand grocery service which allows users to shop thru the app and have them delivered on their doorstep. Users can purchase grocery items such as packaged food, beverages, personal and home care products from specialty stores and well-known retail partners and brands that I patronize like Nestl矇, PepsiCo, Robinsons Supermarket, Unilever, Eden and Bioflu!

So the next time you place an order from GrabMart, you might want to consider buying something for your rider too. I’m sure that it will make them happy and feel appreciated for all their hard work and sacrifices. Sama-sama tayo sa pagsaludo sa ating mga kuya Grab with Order For Your Rider now on GrabMart! 

Be Blessed. Be a Blessing.

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  1. Salute sa mga grab driver deserve nila ang ganto ma kasi sa sobrang sipag nila kahit na may pandemic andyan sila para mag bigay ng tulong sating sa pag bili ng mha essential needs natin sa bahay綽綽綽

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