Guarding Against Bedbugs: Elevating Hygiene Standards With The Revolutionary LG CordZero™ Cordless Vacuum, Laundry Solutions, And Styler

According to TIME Magazine, the bedbug crisis has become a global nightmare that there has been panic over potential outbreaks across Europe and US, and soon over Asia causing anxiety among the public sector and fueling governments to take action. South Korea has started a campaign and an establishment of a task force to tackle this alarming rise of cases. South Korean citizens have created websites for updates of bedbug infestations across the country. In Hong Kong, it started distributing leaflets on bedbug transmission to arriving travelers. Authorities have also deep cleaned its Airport Express train. Residents have done their part by ordering insecticides off groceries and local E-commerce platforms, where sales of anti-bed bug products have jumped a lot. Sightings and growing concerns about bed bugs have also started in Singapore and Japan. The rise of these infestations have been correlated with human travel as the bedbugs hide in crevices like clothing and suitcases. These bedbugs are said to have developed resistance to common insecticides and are efficient at multiplying through inbreeding.

With the bedbug crisis slowly causing problems across the continent, LG Electronics has come up with a solution as they introduce the new CordZeroTM A9 Kompressor. It features the Bedding Power Punch which has a dust mite remover and is available in A9N-Core, A9N-Max and A9K-Ultra models. The Washer/Dryer with Steam+ and Dual Inverter Heat Pump is suitable to eliminate bacteria or viruses when washing or drying clothes efficiently. LG Styler’s Sanitary Cycle sanitizes bacteria and viruses found in clothes or fabrics.

Its UVC LED and 5-Step Filtration System can be available in A9T-Ultra or All-in-One Tower. The docking station features a replaceable dust bag, an automated dustbin-emptying system that prevents fine dust particles from escaping and an intuitive display that provides real-time status updates. LG’s All-in-One Tower features removable and washable motor protection filters and hassle-free storage for CordZero™ vacuum accessories. It is space-saving, easy to use, and also provides quick charging and hassle-free storage for vacuum accessories.

A9T-Ultra / All-in-One Tower

The CordZero™ vacuum lineup has received Gold certification from UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science. They are the first in the vacuum cleaner category to have earned UL’s certification confirming the effectiveness of reducing the risk of chemical and particle emissions requirements. These latest products have met UL’s strictest standards for volatile organic (VOC) emissions. The CordZero™ vacuums provide excellent cleaning performance without negatively impacting air quality at home. The CordZero™ effectively removes dust from the indoor environment and prevents it from reentering.

Another way to also eliminate these bedbugs is by sanitizing and a healthier treatment of your clothes with the LG Styler. The LG Styler includes the TrueSteam feature consisting of 100% water with no chemical additives which eliminates influenza and coronavirus and kills 99.9% of viruses, allergens and bacteria. It also sanitizes fabrics, masks, and other items difficult or impossible to wash.

LG Styler

LG washing machines feature the LG Steam Technology wherein not only the stains are removed, but even the allergens and gems get eliminated as well. This technology sterilizes the cloth that helps in removing the harmful bacteria and viruses, improving the quality of the cloth.

LG Washing Machine

LG vacuum cleaners have the 5-Step Filtration System which cleans the floors and air at the same time. It helps to filter an average 99.999% of 0.5㎛ ~ 4.2㎛ particles by separating suctioned dust in the dust bin, then filtering out the remaining fine dust. The UVC LED also activates on the top layer of dust inside the bag to inhibit bacterial growth-leaving your home cleaner. There are also removable and washable filters because dirt builds up over time on the filters inside the vacuum. The metal filter, cloth pre-filter and fine dust filter can all be removed and washed in water to clean dirt away.

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