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Hagod Art Exhibit By Pancho Piano

Hagod is an art exhibit by Mr. Pancho Piano. It is a gentle stroke of brush transcends the mere movement as the piece created evoke more than just patterns and figures but splashes of memories that stirs the spirit and warms the heart. This exhibit showcase Piano’s colorful visual memoirs in rapturous explosion of fluid strokes rendered in a kaleidoscope of colors that intimates various emotions. 

These paintings depicting the dynamics of blending a certain sense of poignancy and vibrancy, depending on the heady mood that is bound to take as one wallows the eye in the vividness of the piece. Piano’s paintings convey a playful play on emotions made manifest in colorful renditions, the deepest, innermost feelings that cannot be verbally articulated, only the deft hand of a master can truly express.

Hagod is one of the solo shows of Mr. Pancho Piano. He held more than 50 solos shows and joined over 200 group shoes locally and overseas. Hagod is currently exhibiting in Okada until June 23 and another exhibit will opens at the SM Aura on June 21 called “Merging Colors”.

About Mr. Piano Pancho

Pancho Piano is an acclaimed virtual artist whose work has put the Bicolano culture in the spotlight for 35 years. He is a true blue virtual artist who have created incredible works of art through his distinctive paintings, impressive murals, and liturgical stained glass designs. He also crafted his masterpiece through wood carving and clay sculpture. He loves using pastel colors in his paintings, with results that are striking and evocative.

He was born in a quaint town in Laganoy, Camarines Sur and was raised by a father who was a teacher and a stay-at-home mother. Second to eight siblings. He discovered his love for the arts in early in life When he was in high school, the fisherman in their barrio would asked him to paint artworks in their fishing boat in exchange of a fish they had caught.

He has an economics degree from University of Nueva Caceres (1978), as well as Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman (1984-1987) and he also looks up to include National Artist of the Philippines in Virtual Arts Vicente Manansala and acclaimed muralist Botong Francisco.

Some of Piano’s favorite themes to paint are indigenous deities such as Haliya, the moon gooddess of abundance and fertility; Daragang Magayon in the folktale of ill-starred loves; as well as myths surroundings the origin of Albay province. He also loves to incorporate in his work the region’s festival especially that of the Our Lady of Penafrancia water festival.

“I want may art to be a way to bring the beauty of the Bicolano culture, and the Filipino people in general, to the forefront. When people look at my work, I want them to think, reflect, and appreciate the beautiful culture that we have”, said Pancho Piano.



  1. Rojean mae lamsin
    June 21, 2018 at 4:49 am

    Wow such a very talented person. Hope i can see his artworks someday. So proud of him

  2. Babeth arcede
    June 21, 2018 at 6:17 am

    Truly an amazing man

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