How Effective Are Teeth Whitening Kits?

We know that most of the people around us suffer from teeth discoloration. It is a highly alarming thing in our life. However, thanks to the current innovation in medical science, we have a number of options to whiten our teeth – such as various bleaching methods with in and out of home treatments.

Amidst all these, teeth whitening kits have become immensely popular. It’s one of the simple and convenient way to whiten your teeth. The kits are easy to use but like all other products, results always varies. This is because its hydrogen peroxide content is usually not more than 10 percent. Unlike when you visit a dentist, they offer a concentration of 40 percent hydrogen peroxide to whiten.

What are the teeth whitening kits?

These are available in a number of forms. However, they are majorly a collection of tray and tube with whitening gel and syringes. The trays come with gel which you can fix to the teeth then leave it with the gel for some time. Some of the whitening kits are:

  • Kits with mold trays – They come with plastic trays heated to make molds on the teeth. As soon as they are fitted you can take them off and fill them with gel that comes in syringes
  • Kits with pre-filled trays – They are kits that come filled with whitening gel and fit all sizes. They are very handy and can be done on the go.
  • Kits with tray and LED light – They have become popular lately for their attractive appeal and amazing results. They appear like mouth guards and have pre-filled trays or moldable trays with the gel. With the LED light it becomes easy to activate the gel and facilitate the process.

If you are looking to shop the kits for yourself to try whitening at home, you need to conduct research online. Otherwise you can buy a teeth whitening kit at and get started. However, before you buying them, learn the details of the kits here in this article.

How do whitening kits work

The principle method of this tool is very simple. The tray comes with the gel and it stays in close connection with the teeth. This enables the bleaching procedure. The gels come with hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent.

The rapid acting gels might contain high amounts of peroxide concentrations and make them more effective to reduce the stains and discoloration.

With the use of the pre-filled and mold trays whitening agents is usually the hydrogen peroxide. This activates the bleaching as soon as it comes near your teeth. As the tray stays in contact with the teeth for long hours so it is highly effective and guarantees good results.

Kits that come with LED light are equally the same as their variant, but the only difference is their presence of the LED light, which amplifies the reaction of hydrogen peroxide.

Ways to use whitening kits

The effectivity of whitening kits that are available in the market may vary from 4 to 14 days. Considering the bleaching agents in them, you find many which do not take more than an hour to work. Moreover, they can vary in treatment days from five, seven and fourteen.

Even if we use the best products, do follow the instruction manual to achieve the best results. For pre-filled trays you need to follow these easy steps:

  • Brushing your teeth properly (Learn here on how to brush your teeth before using trays:
  • Remove the trays from the package
  • Line top tray against the bottom one and push the tray upwards onto the teeth
  • Repeat the step for using bottom tray one as well
  • Close your mouth. Don’t bite down hard else it will ooze out the gel
  • Keep the trays in position for a certain time and dispose them
  • Remove the excess gel by rinsing your teeth with water

In case for the moldable trays, apply these steps:

  1. Gentle brushing is required
  2. Prepare some lukewarm water and place one tray for five seconds
  3. Move the tray and quickly place it in your mouth.
  4. Now bite down the tray and fit it comfortably by pressing it back
  5. Let it cool and in case if the tray does not fit, repeat the steps 1 to 4
  6. Repeat the same steps to put the other trays inside the mouth
  7. Make sure the trays are clean, dry and cool
  8. Put the gel into the trays so as to avoid excess gel oozing into the gums
  9. Fit the trays properly and wipe off the excessive gel to avoid any damage to your gums
  10. Keep the tray in the right position for 30-45 minutes
  11. Move the trays and gel and they rinse your teeth and clean your trays at the end.

What are the best whitening tools in the market?

There are number of brands that you can choose from. But every whitener shows different kinds of results. It highly depends on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide and how you follow the instructions stated in the manuals.

Choosing the best kit is often difficult. However, the good rule of thumb suggests that we must use the kits which a dentist recommends. Going through the credible kits and their reviews helps to amplify your research and searching.

Wrapping up

It is important for you to preserve a healthy smile and hence a white teeth, or stain-free options are the one which we all love to have. These kits are convenient especially to those who want to have a whiter teeth without visiting their dentists for maintenance.

Over the years, the kits have become popular and the brands have developed kits with improved results. Now the question is does the whitening tool really work?

The kits are effective in reducing those stains and the discoloration. The effectiveness may vary for every user. The tools might not do much in whitening those deeply stained teeth, always take consideration of the solution provided by your dentist.



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