How I Spent My Weekend

Who doesn’t love weekends? After five days of busy schedules and hard work, weekends are the time to take some time off to relax and unwind. It’s also the best day for me to relax and spend time with my family, particularly with my daughter.

Let me share with you how I spent my weekends.


It’s no secret that I rarely cook, but weekends for me are the perfect time to practice my cooking and try new recipes. And chilling on weekends wouldnt be fun with a bowl full of delicious food, right? Aside from that, there are lots of cooking videos that I can follow.

Netflix and Chill

Watching movies or series is one of my favorite past times while curled up under my blanket on the couch and eating my favorite snacks like BBQ Lays, sweet and salty popcorn, soda, and chocolates. But I’d rather watch movies at home than go to the cinema because I don’t need to spend a lot and I can stream whatever I want to watch.


As much as I love watching, I also love reading books. I have a large collection of books on inspiration, motivation, and self-care. Weekends are the best time to just sit down, read, and finally finish that book I’ve been putting off.


Ohhh. I love playing online games, especially if they are free. Imagine not spending money to have fun. Just go to Free Online Financial Video Games For Kids, and you will find lots of free games there. What I love about it is that adults like me can enjoy their games too!

If you love recycling and simple physics puzzle video games like I do, then Hero Elementary Treehouse Trouble is for you. This is both exciting and challenging; you must think carefully, but don’t worry because you can reset the level if something goes wrong.

For the Blue Levels, build a stable treehouse while the Red Levels, you need to remove unneeded extra pieces from an existing treehouse to recycle them.

By the way, you need to finish the each level you are in before you can go to the next level, but as you progress through the game, you can open multiple paths up inside each zone, so if you are stuck on a particular level, you can take the alternate path and then later come back to complete any levels you missed.

Tower Boom is also a nice game, but a challenging one too. You need to lay dynamite on concrete supports and floors in a building frame and detonate them in the same order you laid them. It’s hard because you need to think carefully about where you will put the dynamite.

Pamper Yourself

I do believe that pampering yourself is a good way to spend your weekend because you are spending time with yourself and, of course, your skin. Remember that aside from taking care of your health, your skin needs care too.

Do you enjoy spending your weekends at home like I do? Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have the coziest and most fun weekend ever.