The outbreak of pandemic and spread of coronavirus are among the biggest problems we are experiencing right now. However, there are also some issues on self-care that we must address and one of these is about treating the skin disorder like the Melasma often associated with dark spots.

At this point, I will be sharing with you, how I was able to treat my dark spots. These skincare’s tips may provide you to stay healthy with glowing and nourished skin.

With so many skincare products on the market, choosing the right combination of skin care tips might seem overwhelming, therefore the Dos and Donts of skincare tips is a must. Consider whattype of skin you have and you might be experiencing the Melasma effect. A common skin disorder commonly means black spot. If you have them, these are flat spots or freckle-like spots patches on your skin and commonly appearing in once face, including the cheeks, upper lip, and forehead.

Melasma often occurs after a heavy exposure to sun and by getting hormonal changes. Fortunately, there are some treatments that can assist in reducing the appearance of the dark discolorations of the skin caused by melasma. 

First, I have tried on following the skin care tip by using creams that targeted the specific areas in my cheeks, upper lips, and forehead. These creams have lightened the dark areas in my face however, I feel a burning sensation on my face. I have also tried on other treatments including the facial peels and laser. Facial peels come in various forms and sometimes have a heavy exfoliating ingredient like glycolic acid. These peels have higher concentrations. Laser treatments on the other side were also administered on me and have shown to reduce hyperpigmentation. There are several different lasers for melasma. These include intense pulsed light (IPL), Pico lasers, and fractionated resurfacing lasers. These lasers for melasmacan target the melanin in your skin and remove excess pigment. However, with the use of laser, there are side effects, and the treatment carries the risk of damaging melanocytes in a way that leaves them discolored. Some of the negative effect of using the laser treatment include burning, redness, burns and inflammation of the skin.

Fortunately, there is only one cure for my melasma. More than the topical treatments and the expensive laser therapy, I recommend the use of dermatologists tested oral drug known as PYNOCARE. Pynocare is not to be used in persons with known sensitivity and is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation unless with medical advice from a physician.

How do I take PYNOCARE?

I drink one capsule twice daily after a meal and I continue it for at least 8 weeks, and I get the visible results. Of course, results may vary from person to person depending on the type of pigmentation. People with deeper pigmentation (dermal type) takes longer time while those with epidermal Melasma can expect to see faster and more visible results compared to those with primarily dermal type.

PYNOCARE is all natural and safe for long-term consumption. and there are no serious adverse effects even in the long-term use, in fact it even helps reduce visible signs of aging.  It is also important to note that the exposure to the sun is the leading contributor to skin pigmentation, so it is advisable to have some form of sun protection.

I also recommend the continuous use of PYNOCARE to prevent the recurrence of getting dark spots. Recurrences can be prevented through continuous intake of PYNOCARE capsules even after satisfactory results are obtained. I strongly suggest using PYNOCARE as an effective way of treating melasma with 85% efficacy rate.

PYNOCARE delays natural skin aging process and prevents recurrence. We can buy PYNOCARE over the counter and it is safe, natural, convenient and FDA approved.

Within 8 weeks of using PYNOCARE, you will be delighted by your new beautiful skin. With PYNOCARE, we are aided to experience about the proper care of our skin.