How To Avoid Brain Overload During Academic Writing: Tips For College Students

There are enough stressful factors in the life of modern students: getting ready for exams, homework, internal changes, and also external factors such as news and the environment. Burnout can occur against the backdrop of prolonged and severe stress, which cannot be ignored. Not only the psyche suffers from it, but also the physical health. Let’s do some research and find out how to deal with brain overload during studying.

What is burnout syndrome and where to look for the best writing help

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Emotional burnout is a state of mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion and anxiety that occurs against a background of severe stress. One does not need to be an expert to see that burnout is usually associated with a constant routine and constant overexertion, which ultimately results in a complete ignorance of their usual practice, rejection and unwillingness to act. Burnout is a kind of response to external life factors, a protective reaction of the body, which is expressed in the form of complete or partial exclusion of emotions.

Signs of burnout and proper academic editing

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  • Constant tiredness. Even if you sleep and rest enough, you still have not enough strength, the feeling that you wake up already tired (after working on your papers at night).
  • Bad sleep. Sleep problems show up in different ways: difficulty falling asleep, insomnia, constant waking up in the middle of the night (maybe due to your editing to require changes). Sleep disturbance is one of the most serious signs of burnout.
  • Frequent colds. With mental and physical strain, immunity suffers. It becomes more difficult for the body to fight off harmful viruses and bacteria and you might need assistance with your assignments.
  • Difficulty concentrating in class. With mental exhaustion, memory and attention suffer first of all: you continue to sit over textbooks, but you cannot concentrate and understand the meaning of the paragraph you read; start to solve the problem, but get confused in the sequence of actions; trying to memorize information from your assignment, but it does not linger in your head.
  • Decreased productivity. Burnout is often manifested by laziness and unwillingness to do anything, while all attempts to force oneself are useless. Because of this, productivity suffers – preparation is not progressing, college tasks are not completed.
  • Anxiety. Efforts to avoid new experiences or their usual activities, excessive shyness, a constant feeling of overwork, and uncontrolled and unreasonable attacks of fear or even panic also indicate emotional exhaustion and you start thinking that you need to pay a visit to a doctor.

Burnout reasons

Large load during studying

This problem often arises before exams and during the year. Excessive daily stress without relaxation and rest leads to depletion of the body.

Unrealistic tight deadlines

The need to study and assimilate large amounts of information in a short time creates a state of constant tension during academic studying, which is no less exhausting than the exercises themselves and increases the risk of burnout. The same negative effect is exerted by the constant fear of not being in time, not preparing, not passing on time.

Inability to manage your time

The feeling that you are not doing anything and are not coping may arise not because of a real lack of time, but because of the inability to effectively build the educational process. Difficulties arise when there are a lot of tasks or when there are distractions. For example, the Internet, computer games, social networks, calls and seeing friends. You may continue getting distracted by all of the above, if you apply for help from custom paper writing services. is a company, which makes students` dreams come true.

Constant need to learn new things

The need to acquire new knowledge on a daily basis in a large volume accelerates the depletion of the psyche. The brain needs a lot of energy to create new neural connections, so learning new things requires many times more energy than using already mastered skills.

Lack of motivation

One of the most common causes of burnout is a decrease or loss of motivation, lack of specific goals, or disappointment in the chosen ones. Motivation suffers if you have to constantly do something that you don’t want to, because teachers and parents said so, or because “it is supposed to be so.” If we do something with interest and enthusiasm, then we expend less energy than when there is no interest. Hence the burnout. But a writer can help you with your writing, let alone an editor – with your editing.

Excess forced social contacts

Students constantly have to communicate not only with like-minded people, but also with everyone who surrounds them at college, in additional classes, sections and courses – this requires additional resource costs. By the way, not only offline, but also online communication in social networks, reading news or other “fast texts” can overload.

Lack of support

The risk of burnout increases if quarrels and lack of understanding with friends or parents, conflicts with peers or teachers are added to the academic load.

How to overcome

If you notice some of the signs and suspect that they may be associated with burnout, be proactive. If burnout has already occurred, recovery will take time and a set of measures, including a doctor’s appointment or psychologist. Professional tips below are useful for both preventing burnout and overcoming it.


Changing habitual rituals and avoiding routine helps to shake things up, distract and give new strength. You can rearrange the room, change the order of the morning, or change the class schedule, for example, start going to another group at courses or in a club.

Reduced load

Try to relieve yourself as much as possible. Make a list of necessary tasks and activities and revise it again, think about what things can be excluded or delegated to someone else, what help and whom you can ask for. If it comes to essay writing or editing, be sure to ask essay writers. Each of them is able to write and edit on a high level because those who work for are english native speakers.

Do important things first, including those that you usually put off until later, then they will not accumulate and cause exhaustion. Try to cancel unimportant matters, postpone to a more convenient time or delegate. There are other prioritization techniques that help distribute the workload evenly, such as the Franklin Pyramid.

Emotional control

There are many techniques to help you cope with stress and anxiety: breathing exercises, meditation. To adjust your condition, the simplest psychological techniques are also suitable, for example, free writing – a spontaneous presentation in writing on paper of your momentary feelings. Good for relaxing handicrafts or creativity: knitting, embroidery, drawing, origami.

New impressions

It is very important, even on the most stressful days, to find time not only for study, but also for your favorite activities. By filling yourself with positive emotions, you gain new strength to perform the necessary actions.

How to find your hobby and why you need it

It helps to relax and distract from educational worries, joint trips with peers to the cinema or theater, on an excursion or to a museum, participating in college activities or preparing for holidays. But don’t make these classes a duty either, only attend if you enjoy it.

Taking care of yourself

To prevent and overcome burnout, it is very important to take care of your physical health and well-being. Proper nutrition, regular walks in the fresh air, sports, and a daily routine will help here. Even shopping but not online. And not necessarily to buy something, just move. Moving is living. Try not to make snacks and fast food your meal of the day, go to bed on time every day, take vitamins as prescribed by your doctor.

Building relationships

The support of loved ones is very important on the way to prevent burnout, so do not neglect the opportunity to establish contact with parents, do not fence yourself off from them and do not force conflict situations, especially in those periods when the study load is especially high. Spend your free time with your family, communicate and share your experiences or impressions. Don’t focus on contradictions; on the contrary, look for common ground.

Things to Remember

Burnout is a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion caused by overuse and stress.

Signs of burnout: fatigue, poor sleep, frequent colds, memory problems, anxiety, attention and concentration, laziness and a chronic reluctance to do anything while studying.

The reasons for burnout in schoolchildren are mainly related to high workload, lack of time, or decreased motivation.

Burnout prevention consists in a variety of daily activities and taking care of your health and well-being. Simple steps to this can be changing the schedule of classes, daily walks and time for hobbies, and healthy eating. If you already feel the first signs of burnout, then to overcome it, you should reduce the load as much as possible, try to find space and time for new emotions and positive impressions. Meanwhile, making orders online, applying for help from and will save your precious time at great social cost – a fairly cheap price for confidence in the future.



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