How To Find A Good Jewelry Buyer?

Whether you’re looking to start a jewelry business or sell your old gemstones, looking for the right buyers can be tasking.

To make the most of your bling, you need to know its worth and where you should sell it. The purpose of this article is to help you answer questions you might likely have. So let’s get into some tips on how you can sell your jewelry at the best price to the right buyer. 

Where Can You Find Buyers?

Whether you’re looking to start a jewelry store or want to discard your already owned bling, you need a medium to sell. You can sell online or locally.

How to Sell Your Jewelry Online for Maximum Profit?

The internet is a powerful tool for looking for potential buyers for your gemstone, but a proper understanding of how it works and its use is essential to success. The following are steps to consider when selling your jewelry online:


Your buyers are constantly on the lookout for the new jewel to add to their boxes. To have the right piece for them, you need to stay informed about the current trend before the fashionistas.

One way to know what’s trending is to follow blogs related to jewelry buyers in Orange County; here, you can find helpful information that will help you find trendy pieces that’ll catch your fancy. 

When researching quality options online, you want to watch out for reviews from other clients. Find out what they have to say concerning the brand quality. While you may be hanged on about the price, you want to ensure that you get a good quality option that will match the price. 

You can choose between expensive or affordable jewelry pieces that would match your fashion style. And if you happen to be in the market for custom pieces, you want to consider checking with a custom ornaments expert to help with crafting one from scratch. 

You can also create an alert on Google alerts by typing the keyword “jewelry trends” for up-to-date information. This way, when a new article pops up with your keywords, Google will mail you directly.

Find Suppliers

You’re going to need a supplier if you’re not manufacturing your jewelry. While it might be easy to find gemstone suppliers, it can be tasking finding one that you trust.

You should decide if you’re looking for a wholesaler, drop shipper, or manufacturer.

Finding Suppliers
  • Google search: start by searching for “jewelry suppliers + location” and see what pops up. The top results are probably what you are looking for, but their price is usually high, so you might want to browse pages two and three of the search results.
  • Online marketplace: Most manufacturers are based in China. Looking up websites such as and will make it easy for you to find these suppliers. You can also search for a similar gemstone to what you wish to sell and then contact the supplier directly. A site like eBay, Etsy store, and Amazon is also an excellent place to connect with suppliers.
  • Trade shows: you can search to see if any trade shows are happening near you online. You can attend these shows and meet with suppliers and talk about your specific product needs.
Setup Your Store 

To set up your store, you’ll need to follow these tips:

  • Choose a gem niche: Narrowing your store to a particular place will ensure your store gets the intended visitors instead of creating a general jewelry store—examples of slots to choose from include: bracelets, necklaces, rings, chokers.
  • Wear some of your jewelry: you should wear some of the gems you plan to sell to get what it feels like. If you can’t wear it all day, chances are your customers won’t be able to. This link has more on how to attract more customers to your jewelry shop. 
  • Work on Marketing: Of course, one aspect of selling online involves proper marketing. And if you want to make sales as soon as you get inventory, you need to work on effective marketing. This will include sourcing the right pieces and ensuring that they are well housed in the store. You may also consider hiring staff if you plan to open a shop in your locality. 
Where to Buy Jewelry Locally

Selling to a local buyer is your quickest option. There are many local buyers out there, so check out multiple buyers to compare prices before making a sale decision.

Jewel stores 

You should consider a jewel store if you want to sell your gemstone (locally) because they may offer you the best price. They are more likely to pay you in cash rather than credit, but you should avoid selling to the national jewelry store if you want money.

  • Cash payment
  • You can sell gold, diamond, and platinum.
  • Don’t accept every type of gemstone
  • Nation brands only offer trade-in credit 

While jewel stores only buy high in-demand jewelry pieces, pawnshops, on the other hand, purchase anything ranging from wristwatches, costume pieces of a gem, and even trendy collections. However, you won’t expect a high price for your gemstone. You can check here for more on buying stuff from pawnshops. 

  • Buy almost any type of gemstone
  • Can get cash instead of store credit 
  • Low offers compared to jewel stores
  • You can make more money by selling for yourself
Gold Exchange Stores

Gold stores accept anything with precious metals and diamonds. You can explore this option to compare it to pawn shops. You can check out multiple stores to compare prices.

  • Accept most pieces of gemstone
  • Pay cash
  • Scrap value offers
Final Point

There are many places to find buyers for your pieces of a gem, both locally and online. The amount you make depends on the quality of your jewelry and where you sell it—getting a variety of price options from multiple buyers both online and locally can help you find the best price for your gemstone.

In addition, having original documents or papers from the manufacturer will help you sell at a higher price.



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