How To Flaunt The Vivo V23 Series 5G’s Unique Color-Changing Feature

Global tech brand, vivo, has made waves for its industry-leading smartphone innovations. The all-new vivo V23 Series 5G is no exception, as it is the world’s first color-changing vlogging phone.

The phone is designed with Photochromic technology, which allows the back cover to change color under UV light: the warm Sunshine Gold variant switches to a tranquil Coast Green, while Stardust Black reveals a dazzling stargazing effect in blue. vivo’s designers have injected a relaxed and care free mood into the design of the V23 5G series, giving Filipinos a sense of comfort and warmth, while still being unique and distinctive.

This design technology combines the minimalist style of the V23 Series 5G with vibrant colors to create a soothing and energizing design that evokes a cheerful vibe. Not only does it give the phone a stylish look, it lets users express their own unique hues and brings in an optimistic mood.

Photochromic fashion

The V23 Series 5G’s unique Photochromic design can complement any OOTD, making it a cool fashion accessory. For people who love color, Sunshine Gold/Coast Green is the perfect standout combination. Meanwhile, those who like it simple and neutral can match their outfits with Stardust Black and its dazzling blue counterpart.

Your hue, your rules

People, especially the younger generation, value self-expression. With the V23 Series 5G’s Photochromic design technology, they can easily customize the back cover with a stencil. Just place the stencil over the case’s surface and shine a UV light on it so the shape or text appears. The best part is it’s a temporary design and can be changed the next day.

Big design in an ultra-slim build

Apart from its color-changing feature, the V23 Series 5G has a lightweight, ultra-slim body. This design makes it easier to vlog and take photos, and it can fit any bag or pocket. This is vital for people who are often on the go and rely on their phones for daily tasks.

A vibrant way to create content

The V23 Series 5G’s Photochromic design is best flaunted while vlogging. Its industry-leading 50MP Autofocus Front Vlog Camera captures crystal-clear videos and selfies, while the 8MP Super-Wide Angle Camera ensures that more people can fit in one shot. These dual front cameras are complemented with a Dual-Tone Spotlight that brightens up faces in the dark, comfortably. Likewise, its customized JNV Sensor Chip offers additional lighting adjustments to shots.

When taking photos, this phone has elevated portrait mode with its 64MP Auto-Focus Rear Bokeh Flare Portrait Camera. It delivers stunning image quality for both people and scenic shots. Plus, it’s supported by two secondary cameras for varying photography styles: an 8MP 120° Super Wide-Angle Camera and a 2MP Macro Camera.

With great cameras and Photochromic design that stands out, the V23 Series 5G can also level up mirror selfies when taking shots of full-body outfits. That way, anyone can #VlogWithStyle.


The vivo V23 Series 5G is the new stylish “it” phone that allows people to express their true selves through its Photochromic design and vlogging capabilities. It’s available in vivo concept stores and kiosks nationwide, and its online stores on and . Get the V23e for P19,999 and the V23 5G for P27,999. Customers can cop them via Credit Card and Home Credit payment.

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