How To Get Affordable Haircut Near Me

Not keen about visiting a high-end salon and paying over $100 to get a haircut? Well, you are not alone. Many people are searching the internet for affordable salons. Don’t get it twisted, an affordable haircut shouldn’t be a bad one.

But what is the guarantee that the salon will achieve your desired look without charging so much? If you want to pay less for a style that you will love, you should know where to look. Nobody wants to spend time searching for “haircut near me”, then schedule an appointment only to get into a mess that can’t be fixed.

You also do not want to walk into a nice-looking salon only to discover that the shampoo, style, and cut cost four times the price you expected. Thankfully, there are many solid options if you want an affordable haircut in your location.

7 Places to Get Cheap Haircut

Below are 7 places you can walk into and expect to get a nice style at an affordable price.

1. Barber Schools

Good barbers do not fall from the sky; they all start from somewhere, which is most likely through an apprenticeship or barber school. A barber school and a shop with apprentices usually seek clients to enable their students or apprentices to practice. As a result, they entice clients with discounted rates.

You have nothing to worry about because the teacher will be on standby to monitor what the students are doing. Also, students are not allowed to practice on a real customer’s head if they have not mastered the skill on the head of a dummy. Although there is room for mistakes, it’s a part of the learning process. The teacher guides the student in fixing the error if any.

2. Hairdressing Schools

Unlike barbers, hairdressers receive training in men and women styling. They are also looking for clients so their students can practice. Again, the popular method of attracting clients is to offer affordable haircuts. You can find a hairdressing school on the internet or ask a local salon near you.

3. Home Service Barbers

Barbers or hairdressers who offer home service charge less fees because they do not need to pay rent, expensive insurance, or extra wages. They also work at their pace, which means they have flexible opening and closing hours. Many of them are quite experienced because they usually start off from mainstream shops before deciding to start their own.

You can find them in your community, across different suburbs. Check out the list of businesses in local papers and social media pages to find a home-service barber.

4. Salons

Some salons offer affordable haircuts, but you should consider certain factors before you step into one. The first thing to look out for is the location. If the shop pays high rent, the cost must reflect in the haircut price. So, instead of looking for salons in big malls where houses are expensive, go to the suburbs.

The next thing to check is the barber or hairdresser. Award-winning stylists or those with many years of training and experience will charge higher. If you want an elaborate cut, you can invest in this type of stylist, but this will be too much for a simple buzz cut. You can click on to see cool buzz cuts for any occasion.

Finally, you should consider the barber’s brand. Chain brands usually have fixed pricing while independent barbers can control their prices.

5. Coupons

This is another great method of getting an affordable haircut. You should be flexible when picking coupons because it could grant you access to a high-end stylist and save you a lot of money. You can also get coupons from a local newspaper, opening specials, or event specials.

Additionally, websites such as, Groupon, and RetailMeNot have a wide coupon array for various services. Bear in mind that these freebies come with terms and conditions, so ensure you go through the fine print thoroughly. You can also search the internet to find barbers and hairdressers that offer great deals apart from coupons.

6. Forums or Classifieds

Online trading websites and community forums are great information sources for finding affordable haircuts. Forums such as Reddit have members from various cities. You can find the one for your location and see what other locals are recommending.

On the other hand, you can join your community’s Facebook group if they have one. It is a great place to request recommendations. Some of these groups dedicate one day in the week where business owners advertise their business. You may spot one or more local salons or barbers with amazing prices.

Lastly, trading sites such as Craigslist and Gumtree contain a lot of information. You will likely find apprentices who are advertising their own services for cheap and sometimes, for free.

7. DIY Haircut

If you are a DIYer, you will love this because cutting your hair by yourself will save you some money. The tools you need are a comb, scissors, a clipper, and two mirrors – handheld and wall-mounted. If you do not already own any of these items, you can get them from the local store.

It is easy to cut your hair like a pro. You only need a reference image and the right set of tools. You can use this video as a guide for cutting if you are not sure. You just have to take it slowly, one step at a time, to achieve a perfect DIY cut.


Getting a great haircut should not be outrageously expensive. There are several inexpensive choices for both women and men. The most affordable places include barber schools, hairdressing schools, home service barbers, and local salons. If your friend is a barber or hairdresser, they could offer you a discount. Of course, what are friends for?

You can also search for coupons and deals online. Better still, give yourself a DIY cut. There are many ways to save money when it comes to haircuts. You just need to search for a reputable shop to try. Remember not to experiment before heading out for a special event.


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