How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer?

No one wants to miss the feel of the freshness of a bouquet presented by dear ones. It is customarily to give flowers as a gift for different happy moments. Sometimes flowers are presented by such a person you want to keep fresh with you for a longer time. Flowers are not forever, but you can extend their freshness for some days by taking the initiative according to Raul a florist with Choice Flowers a leading flower shop in abu dhabi.

Prepare a solution with any available ingredients. Fill the vase with the solution. Cut leaves and stem of flowers and place them in the vase. Replace water daily, cut stem when replacing water and enjoy freshness for more days.

In this article, you will be guided by some hacks that will help you to keep your favorite flowers fresh for a longer time

How to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time?

No need to search for the magic; even simple home ingredients can help keep your fresh flowers last longer.

Step one- Take clean water

First of all, take clean water in the vase; you will be needed to have 1 quart of warm water.

Step two- Mix sugar with water

Next, you will need to add sugar to the water. Sugar is effective for the better nourishment of flowers and promotes the opening of the flower’s blooms. You can add 2 tablespoons of sugar into the water and shake it well; ensure it mixes properly in the water.

Step three- Mix White Vinegar

Once sugar is mixed, you will need to add white vinegar to the water and sugar solution.  Add the same quantity of white vinegar as the sugar in the water. White vinegar will protect from bacterial growth and ensure flowers remain fresher for a long time.

Most houses have white vinegar, but if you do not have the vinegar, you can also use lemon-lime soda as an alternative to white vinegar. It will also do the same thing as vinegar can do.

Step four- Remove the flowers stem.

Once you have prepared the solution, remove the stem and lower leaves of the flowers. Ensure no leaves remain; if leaves remain, they will create a smell in the water. While cutting the stem, do not cut all the stem; check the stem and only cut 1 to 2 inches or which portion is not fresh.

Step five- Arrange the flowers.

Now all is set out, place flowers in the vase.  While arranging, choose the best arrangement style to look nice in arrangements.


Once you have arranged the flowers in the vase, your task is not complete; you need some precautions to keep the flowers fresh for many days says Sarah a leading florist from urbanstems a flower shop in New York.

  • Do not place the flowers under the sunlight; it will be best if you keep the vase in a fresh, cool, and draft-free area. It will keep your beautiful flowers alive for more days.
  • Every day replace the water solution; do not leave flowers in the same water for more than 24 hours.
  • While replacing the water, also cut the stems, and check and remove the dead stem portion.
  • Enjoy freshness; when you feel flowers have spoiled, store them properly to keep them as a memory.

What are some other hacks to keep flowers fresh for a long time?

We have guided you step by step; now, I will tell you some other hacks that will help you to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time. I will share some other ingredients and instruct you how to make their solution; all other steps will be the same as the above process except for solution preparation.

Aspirin + water

Aspirin undoubtedly is available in every home. You will never think that it can help you keep your flowers fresh. You will need one crushed aspirin in the water. Mix it well and fill the vase with Aspirin and water solution.

Aspirin will lower the water pH level to make it suitable for keeping flowers fresh and protecting them from wilting. It is not the most recommended idea to keep flowers fresh, but it will extend flowers’ freshness to normal.

Bleach + Water

You can also use bleach and water solution to keep your flowers fresh for longer. Prepare a solution of water and bleach. You will need to add 翹 teaspoon of bleach to the water, shake it well and ensure the water and bleach are mixed properly.

Fill the vase with water and bleach solution. It will not just keep the flowers fresh, but it will also protect the water from getting cloudy and also protect water from bacteria. It will extend the flowers’ life for more days than expected.

Soda+ water

Soda is also a recommended household ingredient to keep flowers fresh for longer. It will not just keep the flowers fresh for more days but will also keep them smelling sweet. You will need 翹 cup of soda to mix with water. Shake the water and ensure it mixes well and there are no hard soda residuals. Fill the vase with water and soda solution.

Soda and water solution is very effective for making flowers last longer. Flowers in the solution will enjoy some extra freshness and sweetness. You can keep flowers fresh by keeping them in water and soda solution for 15 to 20 days.

What are quick hacks to keep flowers fresh for longer?

Do you want quick solutions? Okay, we have many solutions for you. Try any of the below ideas to keep flowers fresh.

  • Spray your fresh flowers with hairspray; it will easily keep your flowers fresh for 5 to 7 days.
  • Put your fresh flowers bouquet for 8 hours daily at night in the fridge; you can keep your flower fresh for 7 to 10 days.
  • Place a copper coin in the bouquet; it will also extend their freshness for a few days.
  • Add a few drops of vodka to the water and place flowers in the water; it will ensure the freshness of the flower for more than a week.


Everyone loves fresh flowers, and it will be a pleasant feeling when you receive those flowers from your favorite person. If you want to feel the freshness and love from your lover for more days, try any of the above provided ideas to keep flowers fresh for many days. All of the above ideas are simple and do not take more than 5 minutes to complete. It will not just extend your flowers’ freshness but also add to the beauty of your room.