Hydrate In Style With Keepto

We all know that keeping hydrated is crucial for health and well-being, but many people do not consume enough fluids each day. Despite how important it is to stay hydrated especially during this pandemic, there are many things that keep us from drinking enough water. And one of the most reason that probably all of us will agree is our busy schedules. Another reason is that the things we’d rather be drinking especially like coffee and cocktails. Other also believes that drinking more water will lead to spending half the day in a bathroom stall.

If I will be honest, I really don’t like drinking water before because it doesn’t taste anything. Instead of drinking water, I drink iced tea or juices. There was a time when I felt hydrated then I realized that drinking a lot of water is vital for optimal health.

It’s not really easy from the start but let me share to you some tips I am doing for me to at least drink eight glasses of water everyday.

  1. Drink Water When You Wake Up

Since I don’t like drinking hot coffee anytime of the day. I drink water when I wake up. If you are a person who drink coffee in the morning, I suggest drink one to two cups of water first. Because you don’t drink while you’re sleeping, you wake up already dehydrated.

2. Drink Water Before Having A Meal

Drinking a cup of water before a meal can help you feel more full and help prevent overeating. I usually do this especially I’m gaining weight already.

3. One Jug For The Whole Day

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Instead of getting a glass of water every now and then, I have this Keepto jug with me all the time. KEEPTO Large water jug is designed to help you drink more and stay hydrated! You won’t be wasting your time re-filling your water bottle. The wide-mouth opening makes it easy for you to clean, add supplements, or ice. Their plastic is BPA free, no chemical smell or taste. It is perfect for sports enthusiasts to fit any indoor & outdoor activities including hiking, running, workout, camping and etc.

When you buy this 64 oz water bottle with time marker, the package will include 1 Motivation Water Bottle Jug, 1pc Straw and 1pc Straw Brush. I love its time marker feature because it reminds me of the time I need to drink water. I also like that it has five color I can choose from. I also love the fact that it can filled with any cold beverage.

Let’s make sure to drink water and be hydrated!


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