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It’s More Fun To Learn With BuriBox


As a first time mommy, I don’t know how to teach my two year old daughter Chloe without getting bored. I want to teach her and at the same time she’s (me also) having fun. How? I recently discovered Buribox. You might be asking what is Buribox? 

BuriBox is a Subscription Box Brought to Your Doorstep Monthly by Adarna House to Help You Develop Your Child’s Love of Reading. I used to subscribe over beauty boxes but this is my first time I subscribed with  subscription box for my daughter. Well, I didn’t know that this kind of subscription box exists until now.


Every month, the Toddler BuriBox brings to your home books, activities, and art materials designed to develop the literacy, critical thinking, creativity, socio-emotional make-up, and gross and fine motor skills of your child.


They have designed the Toddler BuriBox for the Filipino child so most of the materials are bilingual and all refer to our Filipino culture. The Toddler BuriBox showcases themes on how the child sees himself and the world around him: I Am Me, My Home and My Community.

The first box of the Toddler BuriBox contains two board books in support of these themes.

Sampung Mga Daliri


It teaches a child about his body and its different parts. They have provided sheet music so that you can teach this song to your child.


You can think of simple actions that your child can imitate while singing the song: learning is more effective when two or more senses are engaged in the activity. In the posted paint activity of “How Big Are My Hands?” will help develop the hand and eye coordination of your child, an important skill for writing. It also enhances visual perception skills through comparison of hand sizes.

The World Around Me


Your child becomes acquainted with everyday objects and words that are part of the environment that surrounds him. This book will develop your child’s bilingual vocabulary as well as help him build a schema about the things around him.


To enhance your child’s visual perception and introduce him to different shapes, they have included an object sorting activity.

Two activity books also form part of this first box.

Figure This Out


Your child can learn how to spot differences and similarities through simple logic activities. This helps him develop his visual perception, in particular, his visual discrimination which is the ability to determine the similarities and differences of objects by examining their size, color, shape, and other physical attributes.

Puzzle Time


Your child develops his fine motor and problem solving skills, improves his hands and eye coordination in preparation for writing, and increases his attention span.

This Is Me


It makes your child aware that faces are made up of different parts with different functions while it heightens you child’s sense of touch through his introduction to different textures.

Magkulay Tayo


It teaches your child the basic colors and gets him used to holding writing materials.


It helps your child develop focus and patience. Through it, he learns how to recognize color, line, shape and form. Self-expression and creativity are also encouraged.

Make Your Own Clay


You can make a homemade clay models of the different parts of the body and things around you.

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What makes BuriBox different?

Made for the Filipino child

Children learn better if the concepts they discuss are in the world that surrounds them. The books and activities in each BuriBox are situated within the Filipino context and were made especially for Filipino children.

Bilingual (Filipino and English)

Did you know that bilingual children have better metalinguistic awareness and cognitive flexibility? Ninety percent of BuriBox stories are in two languages.

Free delivery (Metro Manila only)

BuriBox is delivered to straight to your home for FREE. No need to go through traffic and have a hard time trying to decide what to buy for your child. Just order online and wait for your box to be delivered to your house every month.

Curated by experts and educators

Each book, activity, and material you receive has been carefully curated by experienced and expert educators and product developers.


As a parent, the best way to introduce this box is to be with your child when he goes through its contents. This way, you can provide the perspective through which your child sees, understands, and appreciates the world. Moreover, your child will associates learning with the happy experience of being with  a loved one.



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