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Joy PH Dish Washing Liquid Makes Effective Home Disinfectant

Industry (METI) commissioned the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) to look into other options for disinfecting homes and workplaces. This was undertaken to mitigate global alcohol shortage, and cope with the sudden surge in demands of alcohol disinfectant at medical facilities as well as home and workplace environments.

Lab studies conducted by METI/NITE have proven that some cleaning actives also known as surfactants, when used at the right levels, can be effective against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. Test findings by Japan’s NITE have confirmed that there is a significant reduction in the virus count on items or surfaces that are exposed to a surfactant diluted to 0.05%-0.2% for twenty seconds to five minutes.

According to the review committee of experts, these seven types of surfactants are commonly found in household products like dishwashing liquids.

  • Sodium linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (0.1% or more);
  • Alkyl glycoside (0.1% or more);
  • Alkylamine oxide (0.05% or more);
  • Benzalkonium chloride (0.05% or more);
  • Benzethonium chloride (0.05% or more) (newly added on May 28, 2020);
  • Dialkyldimethyl ammonium chloride (0.01% or more) (newly added on May 28, 2020); and
  • Polyoxyethylene alkylether (0.2% or more)

With this research confirming more accessible ways to disinfect your homes and workplaces, dishwashing liquids containing these ingredients can benefit Filipinos and serve as a reliable substitute to alcohol-based disinfectant. This would mean convenience and better value for money given the product’s multi-purpose use of disinfecting various items, not just in the kitchen but other household items as well.

New solution to disinfecting against SARS-CoV-2

Japan METI/NITE recommends the solution ratio of one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid mixed in 500ml water. To sanitize, wipe all items or surfaces with a cloth soaked in this solution. Ensure to squeeze excess liquid out of the cloth to prevent the liquid from dripping. Wipe firmly in one direction to prevent spreading dirt and virus. Leave the items or surfaces to rest with the mixture for about five minutes. Then, wipe off the soap solution with a cloth soaked in water. Finally, wipe dry all items and surfaces with another clean cloth.

To learn more about the research findings, visit this link: Follow Joy Philippines’ official Facebook page at for more updates on Joy.



  1. Rochie ortiz
    August 18, 2020 at 10:12 am

    Joy Complete Clean Dishwashing Liquid has always been a great product even before. It cleans dishes well and removes food odor effectively. It is also non-drying and non-irritating to the hands. Napaka ganda talagang gamitin. Ito ang gamit ng wais.??

  2. KC B. Recto
    August 18, 2020 at 11:44 am

    I love using JOY talaga! Bukod sa mga cups and plates. At new joy na rin pala na pwede sa mga surfaces! Ma ilista na nga ito para sa susunod na Grocery ay mabili to.?

  3. Joyangelique Balleta
    August 18, 2020 at 2:02 pm

    Proud Joy Liquid Diswashing user kami sa bahay. Sure kasi na safety ang gamit namin sa bahay lalo na ang gamit ni bunso.99.9% Germ Free at mabango pa. Hindi lang pang gamit sa kusina ang gamit ng Joy, pwde din ito gamitin sa mga gamit natin sa bahay. Sure na tayong Germ free na ang ating bahay.Dahil pwde na din itong pang disinfect.

  4. Joevelyn Mendoza Sayong
    August 18, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    Trusted brand for me. I’m glad that Joy dishwashing Liquid can also be used to sanitize. Not just only for plates and cooking utensils but also gor cleaning the house.

  5. Lyka (mitra) Baqueros
    August 18, 2020 at 2:49 pm

    Hindi na natin kailangan bumili ng mamahalin na pang disinfect kase kaya ni Joy ibigay ang linis na gusto natin at nababawasan ang pagkalat ng virus.. makakatulong din tayo sa shortage ng mga disinfectant kung ito ang gagamitin natin.. ❤

  6. Dhel Manog
    August 18, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    Ever since talaga joy na gamit ko bukod kasi sa mabango e laking tipid syang gamitin,kahit onte lang ipatak mabula na tsaka tanggal sebo din at safe na safe pang gamitin.Good news talaga na ang joy hindi lang panlinis ng mga kitchenware pwede na rin pangdisinfect sa virus.Thanks for this info momsh.

  7. Dhel Manog
    August 18, 2020 at 5:25 pm

    Ever since talaga joy user na ako bukod kasi sa mabango e sulit at laking tipid kahit kasi konteng patak lang mabula na at tanggal talaga ang mga sebo sebo.Tsaka safe na safe talaga syang gamitin.Sobrang nakakatuwa dahil hindi nalang panlinis ng mga kitchenware ang joy pandisinfectant na rin sa virus.Thanks for this info momsh.

  8. Erica Sosing
    August 18, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    Wow! This is sounds good po na pwede na rin po pala ang Joy dishwashing sa pag disinfect po.? Malaking bagay na po eto mommy dahil affordable po sya na disinfectant. Abot Kaya na po sya. This is the number one brand of dishwashing that’s most trusted and tried of all momsh. ? Sa panahon ngayon kelangan po tlaga natin maging malinis sa ating sarili and most especially sa ating bahay at kapaligiran.?

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