Knowing The Industry: Be Wary Of These Six Nasty Tricks Your Insurance Company May Use Against You

When a person has been involved in a car accident or any accident where insurance is involved, chances are that the insurance company of the party at fault will try to avoid paying the claim. For this reason, it is not advisable for a person to try to handle negotiations with an insurance company on his or her own. The injured party should rely on the professional knowledge of an attorney. This article will deal with six nasty tricks that insurance companies often use to try to avoid paying a claim. There may be others, but these six tricks are commonly seen and should be made known.

Looking at the Tricks Insurance Companies Use

Insurance companies are good at trying to convince parties that they are on their side from day one when this may be far from true. The Trustini Law firm, located in California, helps clients to avoid being taken by unscrupulous insurance companies and will help clients to recover what is rightfully theirs. From the beginning, one strategy or trick an insurance company will use is the ploy of being the client’s friend. It is not so much that the insurance adjuster for the company is not genuinely friendly, but more often than not, the adjusters have been trained to use this as a technique to get the client to let his or her guard down.

Tricks and Strategies that Insurance Companies Use

Another trick or strategy insurance companies use is to tell the client that they must provide a statement quickly to expedite their claim. While it may be true that it will expedite the claim, the idea is to get the client to somehow admit partial fault, thus reducing the amount of payment on the claim. A third thing an insurance company may try to do is offer the client a low settlement, but the client should have a lawyer look at it to be sure he or she is not being taken advantage of. A fourth thing is that clients should also keep in mind that insurance companies are probably looking for opportunities to use any information that clients say against them.

More Tricks Used By Insurance Companies

While a person is going through the insurance claim process, he or she should maintain a claim diary to keep all the pertinent information together. A fifth thing is to know that insurance companies are required to act in “good faith” with their clients, so clients should not think the insurance adjuster is going above and beyond to help them. A final trick that is used by insurance companies is new, but certainly not uncommon, and that is using social media to gather information about a client. The client should be careful not to discuss the insurance claim on social media networks.

Final Thoughts about Insurance Companies and Their Tricks

Past statistics have shown that it is always better for a person to rely upon an experienced attorney when it comes to handling insurance claims. This is because the attorney deals with these types of matters regularly and will be knowledgeable of different things to do to help the client get paid. Insurance companies will know better than to try some of their tactics on attorneys but may be quick to try to come to a fair resolution for the client involved.


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