Learning From the Best: 5 Reasons Why Glossier Is Such A Successful Brand

All companies have key things they focus on when it comes to running their businesses. While every company is different in how they grow and become more successful, there are a few things every business can do that always leads to success. Here are five ways companies are becoming better at branding.

Co-Create Products

Typically, brands will create their products first and then sell them. A unique and successful approach is a brand that is more interested in what the consumer is wanting before the product is even created. They engage with their consumers very early on as they are developing products and brand strategies to find out what their users desire. According to beauty product consumer perception studies, brands that not only engage with but intimately understand their consumers are more likely to be successful. Co-creating products with consumers is a great way to ensure success as a company.

Create Content That Is Engaging

Content is a powerful thing for any business. If a company can produce engaging content that captures the attention of readers, they are then able to build trust with those readers, and that will turn them into loyal fans of the brand. Consistently publish articles answering common questions and sharing informational articles with the community. Engaging content easily leads to a conversation, which then leads to sales. According to Optin Monster, blogging statistics show that businesses who hold blogging as a priority are 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI. Fifty-three percent of marketers claim that content marketing is at the top of their priority list.

Have Conversations With Consumers

A successful company deeply values communication with consumers through social media and e-commerce. The company cares more about what people are saying about them rather than what they can say to their readers. Having an open conversation leads to a better understanding of what a company’s fans want, thus leading to a more successful business because they are not just creating products on a whim. They are developing items consumers have a need and desire for.

Community Is Key

With social media holding such importance on brand development and success these days, it is no surprise that successful companies focus on building a strong, loyal community. Not only do consumers help with the company’s success by sharing their needs and co-creating products, but they can also help with sales by growing the community with positive feedback. According to Forbes, people are 84% more likely to trust a recommendation if it comes from a close friend, meaning the community plays a huge role in success. It is key for every company to build a community that trusts them as a brand.

Put the Customer First

It is pretty obvious from the above points that a company’s main focus should be on the customer. What does the customer want? What does the customer need? These are questions that should be asked to consumers. By putting the customer first in everything the company does, this will lead to great success.

There are so many ways to build a more successful brand and business. Using the five tips discussed in this article are a great way to start down the path of success and take your company to the next level.


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