LG And ADDESSA Give Back With A Whole Lot Of Laundry Love

In a heartfelt endeavor to support communities ravaged by recent typhoons, LG and ADDESSA have once again demonstrated their commitment to social responsibility by staging another successful ‘Laundry Love’ event. The collaboration was birthed to assist communities severely impacted in La Union, Pangasinan, and Zambales. Recognizing the challenges these areas faced due to flooding, the partnership aimed not only to provide free laundry services but also repair support for LG appliances damaged during the calamity.

Over a span of just twelve days in August, the initiative witnessed an overwhelming response with an average of 50 individuals registering daily at all participating ADDESSA branches. Cumulatively, this means approximately 600 individuals were able to avail of the service, a testament to the depth of the need and the gratitude of the beneficiaries.

Powering the event, LG showcased its cutting-edge technology by providing the latest washing machines, including the innovative WashTower and a range of front and top load models. Alongside these, free detergents and dedicated exhibitors ensured a seamless experience for those dropping off their laundry. Ensuring the word reached far and wide, LG also lent its marketing and branding support. Complementing LG’s efforts, ADDESSA was instrumental in orchestrating the on-the-ground activities. By providing vital infrastructural support, including water supply, electricity, setup space, and critical security measures, ADDESSA demonstrated a deep commitment to their communities.

Additionally, recognizing that many had faced damage to their appliances in the typhoons, LG stationed a dedicated service personnel through their third-party service partner, Appletronics Services, Inc. This representative was on hand not only to assist with repairs but also to answer any questions or concerns about LG appliances.

In times of crisis, such partnerships underline the importance of community and collaboration. Through their ‘Laundry Love’ initiative, ADDESSA and LG have not only provided a much-needed service but also sowed seeds of hope, reminding the residents of La Union, Pangasinan, and Zambales that they are not alone in their recovery journey.

LG PH Managing Director Mr. Sungjae Kim expressed his happiness with the successful event, stating “Filipinos have an indomitable spirit, demonstrating unmatched resilience even in the face of the most challenging adversities. At LG, we are continually inspired by this strength and are committed to standing alongside the Philippines, offering our unwavering support to uplift communities whenever they need it the most.”

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