Love Blooms In Jollibee Studios’ My Crush Is A Cactus Killer

Sometimes, it’s the unexpected change and uncertainties in our lives that bring us to a deep realization that our fate, indeed, has a funny way of making things fall into place. The same is true for the characters of Mandy and Mikey — the main characters in Jollibee Studios’ first ever three-episode mini series, My Crush is a Cactus Killer.

Mandy and Mikey, played by Gigi de Lana and Raphael Balaccua, respectively, are plant-lovers who faced setbacks in their professional and personal lives due to the pandemic. Struggling to put their lives back together, they discover how their shared love for plants may just bring them a deeper connection.

“What I love about my character is how accepting she is,” said singer-actress Gigi De Lana. “She doesn’t judge and gives up. This story is about believing that there is still hope for when you make a decision and set your goals, even if there are a lot of things that hinder you,” she continued.

Known for her vocal prowess, Gigi has been put under the showbiz spotlight with her new venture as a leading lady in My Crush is a Cactus Killer. This transition into an acting career has become a journey of growth for Gigi, one that she pursues with joy, love, and passion. 

“First love ko ‘yung singing but acting is also a big accomplishment for me and something that I’d love to continue to explore.” According to her, both crafts have allowed her to embrace her vulnerability.

Directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, Jollibee Studios’ My Crush is a Cactus Killer is a quirky romance story that shows how to find joy in love despite the struggles that come along the way. And when it comes to narrating stories like this, no brand does it quite like Jollibee.

With over 700,000 subscribers on the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel and millions of views on each of their viral videos, Jollibee continues to share short films that tug at the heartstrings of its viewers.

When asked about her initial reaction to the opportunity, Gigi was quick to say that it was an automatic “Yes” for her. “I’ve been such a huge fan of Jollibee’s short films. I think what makes it popular is it makes people laugh, fall in love, cry, and most importantly, binibigyan kami ng lesson sa bawat kwento,” said Gigi.

Her co-star Raphael Balaccua also has this to say, “Working with the creative minds behind the new Jollibee series has been such a joy. With Direk Sigrid guiding me and Gigi, I feel confident that we gave justice to the characters of Mandy and Mikee because I know the right emotions were pulled from us.”

Catch the three-part Jollibee Studios series, My Crush is Cactus Killer, now out on Jollibee Studios’ YouTube page. Share your kilig online through Jollibee’s official social media pages.