Lyra Swim – Revolutionising Modest Swimwear For Women

Summer is almost here or almost over, depending on what corner of the world you are in. If you missed this last year’s summer because of the lockdown, this year is the good chance especially we can go out now.

But before hitting the beach, have you considered buying a new piece of swimsuit? Good thing, I am always updated with with the current beach trends and look at swimwear online from time to time.

Recently, I discovered LYRA modest swimwear online and find their wonderfully unique collection of modest swimsuits made exclusively with the highest quality Italian fabrics.

Ikram founded Lyra in 2016, and with it, a brand reflective of the countless women who shared her frustrations. Stemming from various faiths, they all echoed the same sentiment — there simply were not options for modest swimwear. The brand has since taken design influence from all over the world, marrying Hollywood’s classic elegance and Morocco’s beachside culture in the process. Their collection derived from richness, featuring minimal silhouettes that experiment with bold colors and patterns.

Burkini – A Freedom Suit

A burkini is a play on two words — burqa, which is a body and head covering garment worn by Islamic women in public, and bikini. It is swimsuit that covers the body leaving the face, hands and feet uncovered. 

Burkini was essentially designed for Muslim women, who choose to wear a head cover like the hijab, could participate in water activities and other sports. 

It is made using quick drying, chlorine resistant, high quality swimwear fabric. With UPF 50+ protection against UV rays, ideal for use at the pool or beach.


A kaftan is a highly versatile garment that moulds itself to suit any occasion. A perfect one-piece-fits-all silhouette handy for almost any occasion on your calendar without sacrificing any comfort.

The LYRA brand appreciates that every woman is different, has a sense of what she feels comfortable in, but doesn’t want to compromise on looking and feeling good, whether that’s lounging by a poolside, kicking it on the beach or going for a swim. LYRA looks to reflect the beliefs and values of women from all walks of life.

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  1. marichugalos
    March 2, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    Wow nman. Summer feels na tlaga kapag nakakakita ka nang swimwear.

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