McDeliverBack: Happiness Delivered

Ever since the pandemic started, I barely go outside the house and with my busy schedule, most of the time I just order food online that’s why I’m glad there are riders that can do deliveries. They are such a big help to busy people or who are still afraid to go outside like me.

And this year McDonald’s releases a heartwarming short film to honor their delivery rider partners. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here. This short film really touched my heart and made me cry. It really shows how hardworking these riders are that they sacrifice their time for their family so that they can provide for them. They work long hours from morning until night or sometimes even until midnight. That’s why I’m really impressed how dedicated they are with their work.

The video of Nelia, a mother and a GrabFood rider really moved me. How she works hard for her kids and how her kids understand that she’s doing it for their future. I can’t hold back my tears when she was surprised by her kids and family at McDonald’s and the first thing they say is “we missed you”. I truly felt the longing of her kids for their mom.

As a mom too, this made me realize how significant time is to our family. Bonding with my kid and spending time with the family is important. Having a meal together, maybe simple, but will surely be a good memory to share with our loved ones. That’s why I make sure to have bonding time with my Family especially with my daughter.

My daughter and I make sure to spend time together. We usually have a little chit chat as our bonding moment while eating our favorite McDonald’s meal.

I applaud McDonald’s initiative to give back to riders with this surprise program. in this little way they show how grateful they are with their riders. they didn’t just make their riders happy but as well as their family and that only shows how McDo values family time. Kudos to McDonald’s and all the riders out there.



  1. Dhel Manog
    October 16, 2022 at 11:17 am

    Salute to all food delivery riders ! Ang ganda ng video,really inspiring po.Nakaka proud yong mga ginagawa nila para sa kanilang pamilya.Talagang nagsusumikap sila para maibigag lang yong pangangailangan ng pamilya nila.Ang ganda po ng ginawa ng Mcdo for them,kitang kita mo yong saya nila nong nakita nila yong pamilya nila.

  2. Amemar Española
    October 17, 2022 at 9:15 pm

    Yay! nakakatouch nmn to ❣️ Thankyou sa lahat ng masisispag na riders na nagdedeliver ng mga foods namin 🥰

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