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MiGuard Helps In Making Filipino Homes Safer

In the Philippines, just like in many countries, feeling safe within the confines of ones’ home,is never negotiable. Peace of mind that their loved ones are well protected and safe from harm is a prime priority of every homeowner because your home should be safe. It should feel like your own personal refuge- a private sanctuary where you and your family can feel most secure and most worry-free.

Making every home safe and secure is what MiGuard is all about. A technologically advanced and innovative home security system, MiGuard provides a holistic approach to home safety and security. The MiGuard system is an integrated set of sensors, alarms, detectors, and controlled devices wirelessly connected to a central console which can control up to 100 MiGuard devices. The MiGuard Console serves as a gateway to the WiFi and GPRS network and is linked to a 24/7 MiGuard command center that monitors all the alarms and bridge the calls to first and nearest responders that can check unwanted activity happening in and around your home.

MiGuard’s 24/7 command center works in partnership with the PNP, the Bureau of Fire and Protection, and private and public hospitals to quickly connect and send the appropriate emergency response to help their customers. All these devices can be easily accessed and controlled using a MiGuard Security app on your mobile phone. Aside from crime prevention tools, MiGuard has incorporated early detection devices including fire or smoke sensors; water and gas leak detectors; and, a medical emergency call button into its security system package so potential emergencies, dangers, and disasters can be easily sensed and attended to.

According to MiGuard’s Vice President for Sales Raeyan Basa: “The safety and security of every family and every home should not be taken for granted. The more you wait, the longer you put your hard-earned possessions, your loved ones, and yourselves at risk”.

So invest in a good security system today and put your trust in MiGuard. Because they care about making your homes safer, just as much as you do. For inquiries, you may contact +63 2 717 9806 or thru MiGuard Facebook page.



  1. Ma.theresa Priela
    March 18, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    Wow Maganda Nga cguro itong MiGuard may 24/7Works talagang safe na safe ang Family’s ?

  2. Queenie Mance
    March 31, 2019 at 9:31 pm

    Magand to MiGuard home security system nakalink na sya sa MiGuard 24/7 command center mas maagapan maiiwasan ang peligro ? hindi dapt tinetake for granted ang proteksyon ng tahanan at pamilya

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