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Mother’s Day At Century City Mall

No one loves us for than our mom from the moment we are born. They are the most important person in our life. From loving us unconditionally, to being our biggest supporter for the rest of our life and for not giving up in everything even they are too tired. If there is someone who deserves a treat and our heartfelt “thank you,” it’s mom. 

We all know that last May 13, 2018 was Mother’s Day. How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Me? Since my mother is not here in the Philippines, I decided to celebrate Mother’s Day with my four year old daughter at the 4th Floor Events Center of Century City Mall.

There are lot of activities like Hair Makeover by Dyson, we all need this because even we are already a mom, we should still need to look and feel great. Remember that our hair is our crowning glory. There was also a Parenting 101 by Avent which is great especially for a first time moms. There was also a Cooking Demo by Philips Appliances which taught us to prepare meals quickly and also Bento Box Making by Bento Mommas that is good for moms who have children going to school like me. Alaska also taught some Merienda Ideas that we can prepare not only to our children but to our friends and family as well.

It was a fun learning activities at Century City Mall especially there was a live music performance by Expression Music Academy. Me and my daughter really enjoyed. Thank you so much, Century City Mall for having us!



  1. Roselyn Jose
    May 27, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Ang saya saya naman. Moms will surely enjoy it.

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