Motivating Your Kid To Try Out Dirt Biking? Be Sure To Teach Them These 4 Fundamental Lessons

It is important that children have hobbies, it instills many lifelong lessons and understanding, plus it’s fun! Riding dirt bikes can be entertaining as an individual hobby or as a family. It can be done solely for fun or as a competitive sport. Whatever the reason, it is imperative that parents teach their children the fundamental lessons of riding. The following are four of the most important lessons for a child to understand about the sport or dirt biking.

Safety Gear

Before ever sitting on a bike, it is imperative that every rider use safety gear. It is also important that children understand why safety gear is essential to riding. Riding apparel has a functional use beyond just the appearance of it. Riding uniforms are always long sleeve shirts and pants because it helps protect the rider’s skin from injury in the case of a crash. Riding boots work in much of the same way to protect the feet in the case of a crash. Things like helmets and chest protectors and goggles mtb assist in protecting vital organs. Children should be taught this and always required to put on all safety gear before riding.

Teach the Basics First

Regardless of the age of the new rider, basics have to be taught first. Putting them on a bike and expecting them to figure it out by trial and error is a disaster waiting to happen. Each teaching session should cover one or two, at most, of the basic instructions. Understanding the way the bike works should be the first riding lesson. What lever controls the brake and throttle, and in the case of larger bikes, what controls the clutch to shift gears. Understanding where the kill switch is so that the bike can be shut off in the case of an emergency. All of these things that seem like common knowledge to an advanced rider are not that to a new rider and must be taught.

Bike Size

Most kids want to ride dirt bikes to go as fast as possible because that looks to be the most fun. Any beginner is a long way from being able to go that fast. Smaller bikes are made to go slower at a pace that a beginner child can safely ride. It is important to understand as a parent and have the child understand that the correct bike size is important. As the child becomes more comfortable and experienced, the larger, faster bikes can be ridden.

It is Ok to Crash

Crashing is part of riding. There is not a rider that has not crashed at least once, and that is OK. Children should be taught that just because you crash, even if it seems to be a serious one, it is just part of riding. These instances can show the necessity of the required safety gear as well as what not to do. They need to know to get up, get back on the bike, and use what was just learned for the next time.

Riding dirt bikes can be an enormous amount of fun, but there are also situations that can be dangerous. It is important that each of the above fundamentals is taught to children who are wanting to ride. These instill safety understanding from the beginning that will be ingrained for the duration of their riding lifetime.


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