MTHFR Gene Mutation Treatment – Deal With It Naturally

The human genome (set of genes) contains six billion molecules that carry genetic information. They are called nucleotides, and each has its own code. Each parent gives three billion nucleotides to their child. Just one mistake in ‘copying’ these can lead to a genetic mutation.

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Each of us has certain genetic modifications. That is why we are all born different. Some alterations are subtle and represent a unique feature of each of us. But others can be a severe threat to our health. One of them is MTHFR gene mutation. It prevents converting folates into the form of energy called 5-MTHF, which helps cells carry out certain body functions. It also causes high levels of homocysteine.

This mutation is hereditary, but it doesn’t mean it will cause any trouble. If you have healthy, balanced habits, you are keeping this condition under control. You might don’t even know you have it. But when some symptoms manifest, it’s time to make some lifestyle changes.

How to Prevent Manifestation

Certain people have an increased chance of developing diseases due to MTHFR gene mutation. These are smokers, obese people, people with a sedentary lifestyle, those who eat unhealthily, etc. Pregnancy is also one of the risk factors due to the many changes in the body.

Medical experts believe that problems with conception and pregnancy maintenance, but also stroke, allergies, and cancer, happen because the body can’t produce enough folic acid. Although it sounds scary, MTHFR gene mutation can be put under control with proper medication. The conventional treatment involves taking drugs on a regular basis. But you can do many things that can diminish the risk of developing blood clots.

Nutrition and Supplementation

Once you find out you need MTHFR gene mutation treatment, you must increase the amounts of lacking nutrients – amino acids and folates. Fish, fish oil, and nuts abound in essential acids. One of them, methionine, is especially important if you suffer this condition. You can find it in sunflower and hemp seed, Brazilian nut, oats, wheat, brown rice, onion, and cocoa.

As for folates, you can find them in lentils, beans, peas, avocados, asparagus, broccoli, peanut butter, sunflower and hemp seeds, and almost all fruits. The choice is excellent, so you can create a diet plan according to what you like to eat.

Taking folic acid (human-made folate form of B9) will do, too. Some food manufacturers add it to their products, so you can also find pasta or cereals enriched with vitamin B9. It keeps the production of homocysteine under control. Too much homocysteine can lead to a variety of diseases, including stroke and cancer.

Get Enough Sleep

One of the most important lifestyle changes to consider as an MTHFR gene mutation treatment is to get plenty of sleep. A lack of sleep not only affects the level of energy that you have, but it can also have a significant impact on your overall health.

Stay Active

Lack of physical activity affects the development of many diseases. Even if you are not a sports type, it is essential to include regular training in your routine. That will help you keep the MTHFR gene mutation under control. It doesn’t have to be intense training, but any activity that suits you and makes you move – walking, swimming, jogging. Based on your physical form, you will determine what works for you.

Quit Smoking

People who smoke have a much higher risk of getting affected by the MTHFR gene mutations. Cigarettes contain high levels of nicotine and tar, as well as several other chemicals that contribute to the risk of developing heart disease. You could use more information, as the quitting process is not easy.

Still, being an ex-smoker doesn’t guarantee that you won’t develop any disease related to gene modification. That suggests that genetics may play a role, but only in part. Other factors such as stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and other health issues may also increase risk.

The deviation of genes doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. But diseases related to MTHFR gene mutation can create major issues. Lifestyle choices can have an impact on your health. You can’t reverse your propensity to develop certain conditions, but you can do so much to modify these factors.


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