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My Mom’s Day Experience At I’m Onsen Spa

I’m a work at home single mom to a three year old daughter. I’m a Virtual Assistant of a Jewelry Brand based in Los Angeles. Even though I work online, my work schedule is more hectic because I worked 90-100 hours per week for the past three months. With my hectic schedule, I can still spend a little more time with my daughter but I don’t have time for myself. I am physical, emotionally and mentally drained.

When Sun Life invited me to a Mom’s Day Out at I’m Onsen Spa. I excitedly said “YES!”. Thankfully, my boss decreased my work load for this month so I was able to come. After all my hard worked, I think deserve some “me time” right?

I’m Onsen Spa of I’M Hotel is a very luxurious hotel in Makati. Upon entering the lobby, the staff welcomed us and you can feel the relaxing ambiance that makes their guest feel comfortable.

Our day started with a sumptuous buffet lunch. Everything was very organized. They have a lot of delicious dishes you can choose from.

Here are some of the photos:

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After our buffet lunch, our much awaited spa came next. I choose their signature massage. We change our clothes and wear a kimono and a slipper. You need to take the elevator again for you to go to the spa area. The massage room is spacious and I really felt relaxed during the massage. It was the best massage I ever experienced in my whole life!

After the pampering session, Sun life arranged a talk from reliable speakers Ms. Michelle Alignay and Ms Mylene Segisamundo.

Ms. Michelle Alignay talk was about the balance of motherhood. Every mother can really relate to this.

I also won her book from a raffle! Since I was a first time mom, I really need this.

Ms Mylene Segisamundo talks about how to build an educational fund. It is very timely for me since my daughter will start her class this coming July. If you want to secure the future of your children, investing is a must but remember to invest to a stable investment company like Sun life.

Inviting all Moms to join Sun life in their next Moms Day Out Events happening on July 1, from 3pm-7:30pm at I’m Hotel in Makati Ave. To register, email Harrvie Monroyo at monha@sunlife.com. For details on these activities, visit @sunlifeph on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you so much Sun life for the pampering session and these take home goodies.


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