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Pamper And Protect Your Little Ones With Tupperware Brands Baby Care Plus+ and Kids Plus+

I was one of the Mommy Bloggers who was invited by Tupperware Brands for their Playtime with Baby Care Plus+ and Kids Plus+ event last month. I’m supposed to tag Chloe along but she was sick so I came by myself.

Play is an important part of your child’s day. Chloe is turning four this coming November and at her age she is very playful. I want my daughter to enjoy her childhood that’s why I let her play and through playing, she can learn a lot from it.

During play, the children will become sweaty but mommy like don’t need to worry anymore if our children will smell bad because Tupperware Brands Philippines’ Baby Care Plus+ and Kids Plus+ launched their newest line.

Tupperware Brands’ Kids/Babies line’s main thrust is called “Alagang Plus+”.  With all honesty, I love using them to Chloe because it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. It also leaves a fresh and cool scent every time I use it to her.


Kids Plus+ Shampoo

  • Puricare & Cetiol Conditioners .
  • Mmakes the kid’s hair soft. It leaves a long-lasting fragrance in child’s hair.

Kids Plus+ Powder

  •  Allantoin
  • It helps prevent skin irritation caused by sweating. It also softens the skin.

Kids  Plus+ Cologne

  •  Hydroplus formula & 3-hour fragrance
  • It helps prevent dryness in the skin and leaving your kids smelling fresh.

Happy Baby Set

Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Perfect for babies age 0-3 years old. It has a mild, fresh baby scent in citrus and floral scents.

Set includes:

  • 50 ml Baby Bath
  • 50 ml Baby Lotion
  • 50 g  Baby Powder

New Born  Starter Set

It has a mild and long-lasting powder scent. The Baby Bath has a Lamesoft Skin Protector that protects the babies skin while cleansing. It makes the babies skin softer and smoother.

Set Includes:

  •  50 ml Baby Bath
  •  50 ml Baby Lotion
  •  50 g  Baby Powder

Mom & Baby Bonding Set

Make that everyday bonding moment more special with this Mom & Baby Bonding Set. The Baby Care Plus Lotion has a 24 lockin moisturizer and Vitamin E that leaves the babies skin smooth and soft.

Set Includes:

  •  50 ml Baby Bath
  •  50 ml Baby Lotion
  •  50 g  Baby Powder

With the help of Tupperware Kids Plus+ and Baby Care Plus+ kids will enjoy their playtime without making mommy worry.

For more details about the Tupperware Kids Plus+ and Baby Care Plus+ you can check out Tupperware Brand Philippines FB Page @tupperwarebrandph .You can also visit their website



  1. Jonalyn F Falculan
    October 16, 2017 at 11:48 am

    Kahit tweens na ako,i love using baby products.??? naTry ko na tong Baby Care Plus(the pink one) of Tupperware Brands. Sobrang bango pero di matapang,baby na baby ang amoy.

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