Personal Collection Looks Back On Milestones, Purpose, And Award-Winning Projects

Twenty years of impactful business, thousands and thousands of lives changed for the better, and Filipinos becoming more aware of mindful consumerism. Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc. (PC) is celebrating 20 years of its Great Life Movement this yeara milestone marked by building a sustainable future for Filipinos and the environment.

PCs direct selling model for the past two decades has enabled its sellersmostly womento become entrepreneurs on the side or full-time. In a society where responsibility for the familys well-being is placed squarely on womens shoulders, PC has given them the opportunity to live a more comfortable life or to make ends meet as the cost of living continues to rise disproportionately to wages.

In the latest SWS survey, 45% of respondents rated themselves as poor, 33% as borderline poor, and only 22% as not poor. The numbers are staggeringand reflect how hard life has become for many Filipinos.

Even so, they havent lost hope for their futureor a realistic view of it. According to NEDA, the majority of Filipinos aspire to a simple and comfortable life (79%). Only 3% want the life of the rich, and 16.9% want an affluent life. But a more revealing finding is that Filipinos want to become entrepreneurs, but think they lack the capital to start a business.

With Personal Collection, dealers have become entrepreneurs without shelling out capital. Its a business opportunity thats open to all, a viable path to financial freedom thats easy to start and flexible to fit into ones current lifestyle and work. With PC, they can supplement their income and, for those who have focused all their efforts on selling, lead thriving teams of PC direct sellers.

This is the dream of every hardworking Pinoy who wants to start a business. With PCs transformative power, dealers who join its direct selling community undergo training and mentorship and gain valuable life skills in sales and entrepreneurship that go beyond the products.

Award-winning sustainable practices

Hand in hand with Personal Collections Great Life Movement is its Green Life Movement. The sustainable future that PC is building extends to the environment as it takes part in the circular economy with its manufacturing practices and programs.

Personal Collection is the first Filipino-owned company to transition from recyclable packaging to biodegradable packaging (it converted 83% of its packaging to biodegradable in a span of less than two years). While many local companies view sustainable practices as purely CSR initiatives, Personal Collection has adopted this as its manufacturing model and has been recognized with awards for its sustainability program over the last two years.

Through its #GreenLifeGreatLife campaign, Personal Collection earned recognitions from prestigious award-giving bodies: the 58th Anvil Awards (Anvil Award for Specialized PR Program: Advocacy Campaign), Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards 2023 (Gold Award for Leaders for Sustainability and Corporate Purpose), Asia Pacific Stevie Awards 2023 (Award for Innovation in Community Relations or Public Service Communications), Asia CEO Awards 2022 (Circle of Excellence Award for CSR Company of the Year), and Marketing Excellence Awards 2022 (Recognition for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility).

To kick off its 20th-anniversary celebrations, Personal Collection led 20 simultaneous nationwide cleanups, from La Trinidad, Benguet to Davao City, where volunteer PC dealers, and employees, and their friends collected 5 tons of trash from coastlines and estuaries. In the past 17 months, the company also led the planting of 172,437 mangroves and 65,400 trees in various parts of the country. Since the start of the companys #GreenLifeGreatLife movement last June 2021, the company has cleaned up more than 19 tons of trash from coastlines and has planted 237,437 mangrove and tree seedlings. The latter has offset 5.69M kilograms of C02 from the environment (carbon offsetting formula from 

From humble beginnings to continuing success

Like many of its direct sellers, Personal Collection started with humble beginnings and a dream. When it was founded in 2003, it had only one product, the Tuff Toilet Bowl Cleanser, and eight dealers. Twenty years later, PC has hundreds of products in its magalogue and hundreds of thousands of dealers nationwide.

PCs path to success was not without obstacles. Seven years after it was founded its first office warehouse in Quezon City was engulfed by a fire in 2010. PC rose from the ashes and, today, it has expanded to almost 600 branches nationwide.

PCs success and the numerous success stories of its dealers are repeated every day. All this is anchored on great products. In the last 20 years, the company has expanded from offering only homecare products to personal care, baby care, mens care, health care, fragrances, intimate apparel, and homeware. By industry standards, the products are considered best-in-class based on laboratory tests.

Today, PCs bestsellers include Tuff Toilet Bowl Cleansera favorite of many homemakers for the past two decades, sof & mmmmm Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, Tuff Powder Laundry Detergent, and Alert Optimum Fluoride Toothpaste.

PCs dream of bringing the Great Life to every family reached Malaysia when it opened its first global headquarters in Selangor last March 2023. Malaysian entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to start their path to financial freedom like their Filipino counterparts.

As Personal Collection celebrates 20 years of making great products, it renews its commitment to give Filipinos more life-changing opportunities and achieve personal success.

Like its hundreds of thousands of dealers, you too can maximize your earning potential as a Personal Collection dealer. Visit to register and take that first step toward the Great Life. Learn more about Personal Collection at

Personal Collection 20th Anniversary Cleansensya Day coastal clean-up with 90 Personal Collection Head Office employees in Marine Tree Park, Tanza, Navotas.

Personal Collection 20th Anniversary Cleansensya Day coastal clean-up in Pook Port, Andagao, Kalibo Aklan. 

Personal Collection 20th Anniversary Cleansensya Day coastal clean-up in Brgy. 76-A Bucana, Davao City.