Ive been watching Korean dramas lately and I often see soju drinks scenes in their episodes and that made me feel curious with its taste. Ive been wanting to try Samgyeopsal too while drinking soju as Ive seen in k-dramas. So, out of curiosity and to have that k-drama feels, I went to a Korean restaurant. Since K-pop and k-dramas are a craze in the Philippines many Korean restaurants and stores popped up everywhere that make it easy for me to try Korean foods and Korean soju. Luckily, there are some Samgyeopsal Korean Restaurants that are near my place.

One of my favorite Korean soju brands is JINROO. Its the most well-known as it is considered as Worlds #1 Selling Spirit worldwide. HITEJINRO, Jinro Korean Soju makers, aims to provide the most authentic and flavorful Korean drinking experience to Filipinos. It is currently available in 58 countries around the world and remains to be a pillar in spreading Korean drinking culture throughout the world.

Ive tried different variants of Jinro. From Jinro Grapefruit, Jinro Green Grape, Jinro Plum, Jinro Strawberry, Jinro Original and Jinro Fresh. All of the variants taste good but my personal favorites among the variants are the Jinro Chamisul Green Grapes that is very refreshing and fruity take on the regular soju as it is not too sweet nor too bitter and Jinro Chamisul Grapefruit tastes bitter and just a little bit sweet. It is also best paired with Samgyeopsal or grilled pork belly. Very K-drama, right?

If youre the type who experiments you can try their flavored sojus:

  • Jinro Grapefruit

Jinro Grapefruit Soju is infused with a vibrant grapefruit flavor, a refreshing twist on a classic drink thats pleasing to the taste.

  • Jinro Green Grape

Jinro Green Grape Soju continues to be a favorite due to its sweet and flavorful taste. A unique drink that can be enjoyed on its own or added in cocktails.

  • Jinro Plum

– Jinro Plum Soju brings a playful touch of plum to the clean taste of Chamisul Fresh.

  • Jinro Strawberry

Jinro Strawberry Soju adds the sweet, tart taste of a ripened strawberry in each sip while maintaining a light and refreshing experience.

But if youre not and want it plain and simple try:

  • Jinro Chamisul Original

Jinro Chamisul Original passes through a patented bamboo charcoal filtration process 4 times, getting rid of hangover-causing compounds. This drink has a more potent alcohol content than regular soju, making it the favorite drink of those who enjoy an authentic and rich Jinro Soju experience.

  • Jinro Chamisul Fresh

Jinro Chamisul Fresh remains to be the no.1 spirit brand not only in Korea, but throughout the world. Hangover-causing substances are removed through a patented 7-step refinement process using active bamboo charcoal, resulting in a clean drink that allows you to feel clearheaded and ready the next day.

Flavored Sojus have an Alcohol Content of 13% ABV while Original Soju have an Alcohol Content of 20.1% ABV and Jinro Fresh have an Alcohol Content of 16.9% ABV, All available in a 360ml bottle with an affordable price of soju is Php 115.

Jinro Soju is widely available throughout the Philippines, both through online delivery https://hitejinroph.com/ and in supermarkets & convenience stores nationwide!

3 thoughts on “Personally, My Best Korean Soju”
  1. Sarap naman nitong Jinro Korean drink perfect talaga ito ka partner sa samgyupsal. Kdrama feels dami pang choices ng flavors

  2. Naku , gusto ko po talagang matry itong Soju .. perfect po talaga itong kasama pag Nanonood ng K-Drama .. Feel na feel na nasa Korea ..

  3. Isa pa lang po ang nata try ko dito ying Original po. Ita try ko nga po sa susunod itong ibang flavors niya po.

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