Pia Wurtzbach Shares 20-Year Journey Towards Financial Stability

SUCCESS never came easy for model, actress, and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, but her determination paid off as she became an inspiration for many when it comes to working hard, making the right choices, and choosing the right partners.

Pias career began when she joined the modeling and showbiz industry. Even as a child, she took work to heart because she wanted to help her mom, who was raising her and her siblings as a single mother.

I was very young, maybe ten years old, when I got my first job for a cosmetics line for teenagers. Shortly after, I landed my first cover for a teen magazine at 11 years old, which was amazing. Not everyone gets to have that opportunity, Pia recalled.

When I realized that I could potentially support my family by earning money from the kind of modeling jobs that I did, it just became a natural thing. I never turned down a role because I needed it. I needed the job so that I could support my family. As long as I was fit for it and it didnt require me to do anything out of my comfort zone, then it was a yes for me, she added.

Saving money and her future

Pias early life in Cagayan de Oro taught her the value of saving and spending wisely.

Even before I started earning money, my parentsespecially my dadtaught me the value of money. He opened a bank account for me. He would make me write the withdrawal and deposit slips on my own. Manonood lang siya tapos titignan lang niya kung tama and then would ask me to make the transactions myself while he waits in the car, Pia recalled.

Activity namin yon para matuto ako. At that time, I didnt really think much of it, but now as an adult, I realize that these were the first steps that made me more aware of finances and expenses even if its just a small amount. she said.

The lessons from her father made a lasting impact. Pia said that even today, 20 years after she opened her first payroll account with BDO, she never spends beyond her budget for herself and consistently sets aside enough funds for her future.

Being smart with credit

Believe it or not, Pia never had a BDO Credit Card until after she won Binibining Pilipinas. She realized that a credit card had become essential when she became Miss Universe and life became hectic. Her responsibilities required her to travel multiple times in a month, and she needed to conveniently and easily access her money.

When Im traveling, my credit card is as essential to me as my passport. It is crucial in taking care of my expenses and almost everything else I need while Im out there. For Pia, as long as she keeps track of her expenses, and is mindful of her payments, her BDO Credit Card is a smart and useful financial tool.

Building wealth and protection

Now that she has seen financial rewards that came along with her success, Pia has started looking into ways to invest some of her savings. She didnt know much about investments until she asked BDO for guidance and discovered a bit more than the basics.

I learned that the best way to build wealth is to invest. Its smart to put your money for future spending in a place that will fare well against inflation. Simply working hard and saving up wont be enough, she said.

 Having been a BDO client for 20 years, I trust BDO. I feel safer when I invest with their advice and assistance. For now, the BDO Unit Investment Trust Fund or BDO UITF is what works for me, Pia added.

Whenever I put away savings, I also put money in my UITF. BDO helps me invest the money and gives me regular updates. I am able to track the growth of my investments and it gives me a sense of financial freedom and control. I can rest easy knowing my hard earned money is also working hard for me as investments, while I am still active in my profession.

She has also started thinking about life in the long term. Im a millennial and Im not getting any younger. My mom is getting older. Im also slowly acquiring more assets, like my new condominium, and I also used to travel a lot for work. All of these are what urged me to get life insurance, as well as property and travel insurancethese are intangibles that we need to protect our health, income and assets for peace of mind. This pandemic made me realize that we can never anticipate every kind of crisisfinancial or otherwisethat can come our way. Im glad BDO, through BDO Life and BDO Insure (an insurance broker) can assist me to get the right insurance to help protect me and my family, in case I cant do it myself anymore.

Pia asserts that the financial security and convenience wouldnt be possible without her bank.

BDO proved to be the right partner for helping me with all the right moves. I have savings for my future; I got BDO credit cards; I finally have investments; and I also planned out my insurance with them. I’m taking on a new pathI have new goals and new plans. And now, more than ever, I’m confident I can pursue my dreams and live life to the fullest. Because with BDO, I know, I made the right choice and Ill always choose BDO.

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