Power Poses And Other Ways To Stay Ahead In The Game

Language is not the sole medium for communicating ideas. Yes, you heard it right. Humans are visual beings. Visual cues are as vital as verbal cues to convey a message. This attribute is not limited to human beings. For example, if you have ever visited the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, you would have seen the Gorillas exhibiting their strength by puffing their chest and making themselves appear big.

In business, one has to be in control to be respected. Our clothing and body language are integral to this. Women’s workwear is a practical example that incorporates these aspects of appearing professional and well-groomed.

Power Pose and its benefits

A high-power pose is an open posture that takes up space, whereas, on the other hand, a low-power pose is a contracted, closed posture. A Harvard business school faculty, Cuddy based her research on the effects of such body postures. The research concluded that people who practiced power poses felt comparatively more comfortable in their skin and showed higher performance in interviews than ones who adopted low-power poses.

How it changes the body chemistry

Studies show that practicing power-poses heightens the mood. It results in an increase in testosterone levels and a corresponding decrease in Cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for regulating the stress in the body is known by the alias ‘stress hormone.’ Sitting with your arms behind your head or placing them on your hip and standing with a wide stance changes your body chemistry.

Does power-posing change our emotions?

Doctors have found that they directly affect our moods and emotions. But they believe that it can affect a change only in someone who is in a neutral state. A person who is already in a heightened state cannot feel much of a difference by changing the body language. This change can be observed if you smile right now and perceive how it can alter your mood.

Power-poses you can adopt to be influential.

  • Avoid low-power poses like touching your neck, cowering, closing up with your arms, etc. These are signs that show you are scared, feeble, or anxious.
  • It can be applied even while sleeping. Assume an open position in bed with the legs stretched out and arms on the side.
  • While speaking in a gathering or meeting, sit with your back straight and preferably your arms gently crossed over your chest. This posture represents security and confidence.
  • Take up as much space as possible while speaking. Use gestures while communicating an idea. Women especially tend to bend their elbows more than reaching them out. When you purchase women’s workwear, itshould be comfortable enough for you to move your body parts freely.
  • While planning to close a deal, place your hands on the table, and assume an in-control posture. This pose can be seen in a lot of movies when a decision has to be made. 
  • To give yourself a quick mood boost before an interview or any stressful situation, lift your arms to form a V-shape over your head. Studies show that it can affect mood instantaneously.


This brings us to the ultimate question- do body language and power-posing work in real life? The trick is to believe it does. And it is a way to influence the mind by changing the body in tandem with “mind over matter” philosophy. To realize that the way we stand, walk, and move can affect our moods is eye-opening. You can use this to your benefit to propel your career forward.


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