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REAP: Developing A New Crop Of Filipino Educators

It takes a village to raise a child. For a child to be “whole” – well grounded, emotionally secure, intellectually sound, culturally aware and ready for the demands of a fast-paced and ever-changing global environment – his influencers mus be whole as well. One of the child influencers is their teachers. Teachers are very important persons, each possessing their own unique identity; who harness their abilities for Leadership to manage and enhance student learning. The most subtle and yet most powerful way to educate is by example. The child naturally look up to his teachers and therefore pick ups and forms attitudes and behavior, consciously or unconsciously. 

REAP or Resource for Educators and Academic Professionals is a professional training company that focus mainly on developing 21st century teacher and  administrator in relevant, contemporary concepts prevailing in global academic circles. They provide customized training services in areas of leadership, communication, customer relations and personally development for other professionals. . It was first launched in 2016 and it is now geared to spread its programs to the rest of the Philippines.

REAP encourages the Teacher as Learner by helping them rediscover the joy of learning for the sake of learning. Every teacher must constantly  demonstrate the curiosity of an apt pupil. Lifelong learning as it were, is the very key for teachers to encourage responsible, creative and critical thinkers among their students.

“The teachers never stops being a student” as many educators are often quoted to say, but for teachers to become consistent learners; they must be in step with the times, trained to harness modern technology for the advancement of their teaching strategies. When teachers focus on the learners, the students, and understand their learning styles, they hold the students’ interest and curiosity and keep them asking for more.

To enhance the role of Teachers as Educators, REAP espouses the facilitation of student learning rather than traditional pedagogy and helps teachers acquire and devise new teaching techniques. They provide them the training and aids in research for them to conduct their own field studies, that they may advance their knowledge in the subjects that they teach. They also enhance teachers’ classroom management skills as well as empowers educators in the administration of their learning centers.

Danda Crimelda Buhain, REAP co-founder said “The main drive of REAP is teacher development because as we all know, the success of the students of the nation depends on them. We want REAP to be the partners of educators in nation building. Before, educators, with the support of their sponsor schools, have to go abroad to the United States, Canada or Europe to undergo further training. With REAP, we are making training opportunities accessible for teachers to learn more about their craft. Now they won’t need to go overseas. Early on, most of our clients comes from the private schools. Now, we are looking to expand further to public schools because that’s where majority of Filipino students are enrolled. We also hope to get the support of LGU units to make REAP more successful, by sponsoring public school educators avail of our programs. These set of trainings will certainly help our teachers, especially now, with the implementation of the K to 12 program. We need to plug the holes in the teaching methodologies. Our real objective is to help the teachers, so they can maximize their potentials in teaching our kids and better prepare them to build tomorrow’s nation.”

To help produce high caliber educators with contemporary teaching concepts, a modern REAP center in Quezon City was set up. It is complete with facilities so that educators from the teaching industry, local governments, and public and private school organizations can undergo customized training.

A team composed of highly-qualified resource persons with vast experiences in various fields of education are employed by REAP to facilitate teaching courses. These include, among other, Creative Teaching Strategies, Classroom Management for the 21st Century Educator, Integrating Technology in Teaching, Basic Concepts of Differentiated Instruction, Design Thinking for Educators, Outcomes Based Education with Spady (Father of OBE) and Uy, a partner of REAP.  Through these specialized courses, REAP visualizes a creation of a nation founded firmly on quality.

REAP believes that all human beings are anchored on their culture,environment and global truths and considers these in the design of all its program.  REAP is in partnership with REX Publishing and Spady & Uy, the ground breaker of Outcome-Based Education.

To know more about REAP:


Address: 2 Atok cor. Banawe Street, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City 1114

Telephone: (632) 243-8544


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @reap_train


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