Reasons Why I Love Perfume Dessert London

Choosing the perfect fragrance for you is not as easy as you think.Whether youre a fragrance fanatic or youre new to scents, finding a fragrance you love can be a daunting experience because we all have we all have preferences when it comes to fragrances.

Perfumes are scents that men and women wear to enhance their beauty. It can lift a mood, evoke fond memories, or just simply help you smell really good. We all know that there are literally thousands of different perfumes available on the market today. So how do you know which smell will be the best fit for you?

I’ve tried and tested a lot of perfume already. To be honest, one of my collection are perfumes. If ever I liked the scent of the perfume, usually I will buy a new one and just add it to my collection without using it. But even though I have my favorites, I’m always open to try new ones and who knows, I can add it to my collections, right?

One week ago, I received a package from Perfume Dessert London with five different perfume scent bottles for me to try and test. I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about Perfume Dessert London and I’ve been seeing a lot of people who’s posting Perfume Dessert London on their social media accounts and telling how much they love these perfumes. Aside from the reviews, I’m also excited to try them because it’s new to me. Though other perfume have a scent like they have, I like to know what Perfume Dessert London has that other perfume don’t have.

Let me share to you the reasons why I love my latest discovery Perfume Dessert London:

Packaging and Price

Isn’t the packaging so cute? I was attracted to it the first time I saw it. The perfume bottles were encased in a carton container which is very sturdy. I also like the design and print reflects the scents themselves. Perfume Dessert’s elegant packaging is great not only for personal use but also for giveaways or gift for loved ones. it’s really an effortless, no need for extra wrapping or extra packaging.

Perfume Dessert London comes with a whopping price of Php 280.00 per bottle. This is one of the cheapest and cutest perfume I know.


Perfume Dessert London comes with 30 ml and crimped bottle, it will retain the freshness of the perfume, it will not diffuse or avoid leakage. Air, humidity, and temperature changes can affect perfume, it should be kept with its cap on and sealed in its protective bottle as much as possible. I love the fact that it is very handy, so I was easily able to bring it with me anywhere especially if I am using a small bag.

Scents and Last Long

I like the face that Perfume Dessert London has a lot of scents I can choose from. It only means I have a lot of options. I got the Cotton Candy Unicorn, Peach Bourbon Popsicles, Raspberry Smoothie, Blackberry Vanilla Ice Cream and Pina Collada. From what I saw, they still have other scents aside from these.

Fragrance from Perfume Dessert last longer than I expected. Eau de parfum (also referred to as EDP) offers a 20-30% percent concentration of oils. The scent is not easily be gone. It will stay with you from four to eight hours.

Not Fake

Perfume dessert is guaranteed 100% from the UK! No fakes! You can check it by the first 3 digits of the barcode, they do indicate the country in which the company is based, or the manufacturing company is headquartered, Perfume Dessert’s first 3 digit is 506, and U.K’s barcode is from 500-509.


With its very affordable price, cute and elegant packaging, the scent stays longer with you and how handy it is, Perfume Dessert London is worth every penny. I’m adding these babies to my perfume collection and try their other scents too!

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