Redecorating Your Kid’s Room The Right Way

Are you about to redecorate your child’s bedroom?  Do you know where you’re going to start?  If the answer is yes and no, then you may be looking for some helpful advice. So, before you make a start, why not take a read of this helpful guide to redecorating your kid’s room?

Fixing the problems first

Are you considering the cost of plastering a wall and wondering whether it’s worth it for your kid’s room?  Well, ideally you want nice flat walls in your kid’s room, so you have a good smooth surface to paint on. If the bedroom walls don’t look too good at the moment, then yes it will be a good idea.  This will also give the room a new, modern and fresh appearance, which your child will appreciate.

Find out your child’s likes and dislikes

Most children have their favourites, such as a favourite colour, animal or tv show.  This is a great starting point for deciding how to decorate their bedroom.  However, if your child is indecisive or likes a lot of different things it can be hard to choose the right decoration.

So, why not sit down with your child and try to narrow your choices down together? Choose just one or two colours to concentrate on, or a single theme.  Then, hopefully, you’ll have a single idea to work around. 

If your child likes drawing and painting, why not ask them to make their own artwork for the bedroom? Make sure their artwork fits with the colour or theme, and hang it on the bedroom walls in a place of their choosing.

Getting the right furniture

You might be wondering what furniture you should include in a child’s bedroom.  First, choose a bed that makes the best use of both space and storage.  You’ll need enough storage for things like clothes and toys, but you don’t want to overcrowd the room with too much furniture. 

Furniture that is designed for use in a child’s bedroom is best. That way it will be the right height for your child to use easily.  Large, tall wardrobes will probably take up too much space and won’t be very child friendly. Whereas low drawers and shelves will be easy for them to access.

Displaying toys and accessories

No kid’s room would be complete without toys of course. But you’ll have to decide exactly what you want to include. Are you going to try to store everything in the bedroom or just a few favourite toys?  Do you want to keep televisions and games consoles out of the bedroom so your child is sleeping at A small collection of your child’s favourite toys displayed on open shelves will personalise the room without causing too much distraction at bedtime.



  1. Antoniette Sanchez David
    January 25, 2021 at 11:43 pm

    Bet ko din mag decorate ng room sarap kasi pag masdan ng ganon kaso nangugupahan lang kami kaya nag aalangan ako

  2. Marichu Galos
    January 25, 2021 at 11:53 pm

    Nice. Thanks for the tips?

  3. Karen Joy Daban
    April 13, 2021 at 8:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing some tips mommy lhyzie..Excited to redecorate our kids room

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