Restoring Quality Of Life: Seven Natural Anxiety Treatments

Many people struggle with anxiety in their daily lives. Anxiety can vary in degree from mild cases to debilitating panic attacks. A physician can prescribe many prescription medications, but there are also natural remedies that can be implemented. Below are seven natural anxiety treatments to be considered for those who suffer from it.


CBD products have gotten very popular recently. CBD has been studied for use in anxiety and is a natural treatment. CBD can be purchased in many forms, including:

·        Gummies

·        Chocolates

·        Drops

·        Oils

Drinks containing CBD are also available. There are many to choose from at Regardless of the CBD product used, the user is sure to get relief.

Herbal Remedies

There are a variety of herbal remedies that have proven to be effective in decreasing anxiety. Chamomile is the most known example of this. The most common form of chamomile is tea. The tea is drunk when anxiety hits, and it has a relaxing effect on the user. Other herbal remedies include:

·        Lavender

·        Passion Flower

·        Kava

·        Lemon Balm


Exercise has long since been a proven eliminate to anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins into the body, creating a natural feeling of euphoria. The exercise also takes the mind and body off of the feelings of anxiety. It is beneficial to both mental and physical health and does not cost anything.


Certain essential oils have had proven effects on a person’s mood and anxiety. The oils can be used in a variety of ways. Diffusers are a trendy way to utilize essential oils. Using this method allows constant access to the oils by releasing them into the air of the home or room. Other methods include wearing the oils on a beaded necklace or using it much like perfume and placing it on the neck and wrists. Types of anxiety-reducing essential oils are as follows:

·        Lavender

·        Bergamot

·        Clary Sage

·        Grapefruit

·        Ylang Ylang

Weighted Blankets

Many people who have anxiety problems find relief in weighted blankets. Weighted blankets work by putting pressure on a person’s autonomic nervous system, which causes it to go into rest mode. This rest mode can decrease many of the symptoms associated with anxiety, such as increased heart rate. Weighted blankets can be obtained through most home goods stores and many online retail stores, making them very accessible.


Meditation is used to bring a sense of calm to the person who is performing it. It can give a feeling of calm and peace that assists in the balance and well-being of the person. There are many types of mediation to assist with relieving anxiety. Examples of meditation include the following.

·        Yoga

·        Mindfulness Meditation

·        Mantra Meditation

·        Guided Meditation

These can be performed individually or in a group. Some require more advanced knowledge, but many can be performed easily with practice.

Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing means that the person is taking deliberate breaths very deeply. When a person feels very anxious, their heart rate will increase, which will cause rapid and shallow breathing to occur. Rapid breathing will cause an increase in the person’s heart rate, which can intensify panic attacks. By taking deep and measured breaths, the regular heart rate will be restored through normal breathing patterns.

Anxiety is a normal part of life for many people. The symptoms can be detrimental to both the physical and mental health of the person. Prescription medications can give some relief, but by also using natural treatments, the sufferer is more likely to get the needed results.



  1. Lyka Mitra
    June 2, 2021 at 9:26 am

    Meditation at breathing exercises ang mga gusto ko po gawin kase feeling ko po laking tulong niya sa pagtanggal ng anxiety.

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