Reviva Is Your Sustainable Alternative To Dry Cleaning

You want to take care of that special garment that means so much to you so you take it to the dry cleaners. Unknown to you, it is immersed in a harmful dry cleaning chemical called Perchloroethylene, commonly called Perc. You get the dry cleaned garment, and the traces of Perc arehome with you. Little by little, Percis evaporated into our air and we breathe it in. It touches our skins. It is thrown into our rivers.

With this looming environment and health concerns, fashion designers, stylists, and enthusiasts have realized it is time to take a step forward towards sustainability in fashion and garment care.

Reviva Luxury Garment Care is wet cleaning. It cleans even the most sensitive dry clean only fabrics using only water and biodegradable cleaners to delicately protect your special clothes while protecting the environment.

Reviva brings Wet Cleaning Technology,invented by Kreussler Textile Care of Germany, to the Philippines and was officially launched during the event dubbed as The Clean Launchon January 28, 2020 in The Podium, Ortigas.

Over the years, studies have shown evidence of hazards brought by Perc-drive n dry cleaning. Percleads to health risks such as dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, loss of consciousness, limited memory loss, skin blistering, and visual and coordination issues. Prolonged exposure increases the risk of cancer. Improper disposal of Percalso poses environmental risks. While USA and Europe has seen the dangers of using Perc, in the Philippines, most dry cleaners still use it.

Revivas wet cleaning technology uses water and a cleaning agent called Lanadol to bring life to every fiber of the garment.Unlike laundry, wet cleaning uses special equipment that precisely controls the process.

Reviva allows processing all kinds of fabrics with different construction and trimmings so the most delicate and elaborate garments are taken care of. This includes haute couture, bespoke suits and tuxedos, dresses and baby garments, evening wear, bridal and ball gowns, wool, cashmere and garments with linings, bead work and sequins. And yes, it cleans even leather and silk.

The fashion industry now shifts towards sustainability without sacrificing creativity and quality. In the Philippines, Reviva helps the industry and you to be at the front line of this movement.

We are proud to make wet cleaning technology available to the Philippines and combine it with the Filipinos renowned gentleness and care. Revivas commitment to customer satisfaction is uncompromising. We offer our 16 years of expertise in laundry and clothing care, Charmaine Ang, Revivas Managing Director said.

We believe that its not enough that your garment looks clean. In Reviva, we check everything to make sure you get a garment that is safe from harmful chemicals and feels better when worn. Reviva gives you back your special garments making sure you would love to see, smell and touch and wear them again,she added.

Some of the notable fashion designers that have been served by Reviva since it’s soft launch were Francis Libiran, Happy Andrada, Renee Salud, Hannah Kong, Ryan Uson-Ablaza as well as RTW shops like Suit it up.

Revivas services are available in its three strategically located shops in Venice Luxury Residences, McKinley; Aspire and Dream Tower, Eastwood; and The Podium, Ortigas. Customers can also book online to avail pick up and deliver services. Visit or like and follow their Facebook page: and Instagram page at