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Ruby Gems Collection Product Launched

The recently awarded 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World by the Filipina Women’s Network, Ms. Ruby C. Pacis, launched a new product line named after herself. Culled from years of trial-and-error, endless travel around the world, and numerous product purchases, Ms. Ruby finally discovered the perfect skincare suitable for the Asian skin.

On her birthday itself, Ms. Ruby unveiled the Ruby Gems Collection to the public which was attended by several press people and well-known individuals. The event was hosted by FIG Wellness and Products Distribution Services, a sub-business of Ms. Ruby’s core company, Faith in GOD RPM Professional and Technical Services Corporation.

Ruby Gems Collection is a proudly Filipino-made skincare with natural organic ingredients formulated for the Asian skin. Ruby Gems has three individual collections:

First on the list is the “DIAMOND COLLECTION”, perfect for skin whitening and anti-aging for individuals 30 years old and above. This collection includes a cleansing gel, balancing toner, whitening cream, exfoliating lotion, daily moisturizer and sunscreen cream SPF 35.

The second collection is the “PINK TOURMALINE COLLECTION”, excellent for skin brightening for individuals 20 years old and above. This set includes a brightening soap, brightening toner and a brightening cream.

Lastly is the “BLUE SAPPHIRE COLLECTION” which is recommended for individuals 25 years old and above who are concerned to maintain their youthful skin. This collection includes an exfoliant and revitalizer.

Apart from the proven-quality products, these collections come in very elegant pouches made after the color of its gem. These collections are to be distributed through our partner physicians, dermatologists, beauty clinics and soonest via online platforms.

Representing the Diamond Collection is Ms. Cristina Alejo-Gabriel, a wellness-advocate, cancer survivor and a gemologist. She was selected because of her clean living and good advocacy, embodying the beauty of a true natural Filipina. On the other hand, the face behind the Pink Tourmaline Collection is a self-supporting single mom, Ms. Shena Nava. She was selected for her dedication to maintain her beautiful skin despite being an on-the-go working mom. Lastly, the Blue Sapphire Collection is represented by a Filipino-Japanese young professional, Mr. Haru Lim, who greatly values the importance of maintaining a youthful look despite the stressing demands of the corporate environment.

“I am endorsing Ruby Gems because I believe in it, I believe in what Ruby Pacis creates because I know her so much. She places excellence and integrity in everything she does and I know this product will do the same in everyone who will trust to use it. You will not pick and try several different products to maintain your skin because all the skincare routine you need is here in this pouch of beauty”, said Ms. Cristina Gabriel.

“Ruby Gems is a result of my lifelong research to find a product that would complement my skin and most Asians like me. I am a cancer survivor that is why I ensures that my skin care products are not chemical-based and not harmful. Also, my past health treatment burned my skin causing dark blemishes to come out. These reasons compelled me to travel around the world and spend so much to find the perfect product that will be helpful to me. Ruby Gems helped me lighten my dark marks, reduces my fine lines and made my skin whiter. This Ruby Gems Collection is an answered prayer for me and this will be one of the frontline products of FIG Wellness and Products Distribution Center”, said Ruby C. Pacis.


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