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SaladBox and Saladbox Man Unboxing

Last week, I posted on my Instagram that I received to subscription box from SaladBox. I’m not sure why they sent me two boxes but I’m thinking that one box is for the month of November because what I received is only the October box but I subscribed for three months. It means November box is super delayed? I’m really confused. Anyway, if you want to read my last SaladBox unboxing of The Vampire Diaries Sink Your Teeth One Last Time, you can read it here.

Here’s the first box:

I think this one is for December because it’s their Holiday Box.

Let’s see what’s inside.

There are four full sized products. Let us take a look at them one by one:

The Black Water Body Spray (Php126)

Tresemme Split Repair Serum (Php400)

Careline Lip Balm (Php80)

Ever Bilena lipstick (Php165)

Salad Box Man Discount Card


For me, the box is quite okay since the products inside the box are all full-sized that cost around Php700 and there is two discount card that can be use in SaladBox Man.

Here is the second box:

This box is for man, obviously.

As you can see, the products inside is a product of Uniliver.

Let’s take a look of the products one by one:

Pond’s Men Energy Charge Whitening Foam

Dove Men Care Shampoo

Close Up Deep Action

Master Deep Cleanser


The second box is a disappointment. I’m a girl, why they sent me a products for man? If I really want it, I should have subscribed to their Salabox Man subscription right? Thank God I have a brother who can use the products inside.


I’m not really happy with my experienced with SaladBox. I subscribed for three months but I think I will not subscribe anymore because the products inside every box are not good unlike other subscription box that I know. They also delivered it very late. Well, at least I tried subscribing to them.


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