Sanofi Celebrates International Self Care Day With Power To Love Yourself Completely Online Event

In celebration of International Self Care Day, Sanofi Philippines held an Instagram Live event called Power to Love Yourself Completely to discuss topics related to self care. Sanofi invited MommaNManila founder Michelle Aventajado and She Talks Asia Co-Founder and CEO Lynn Pinugo to talk about self care, with topics such as how to teach kids about self care, and how working millennials can take care of themselves while working from home.

In line with the Global Self-Care Federations theme, #SelfCarePromise, the event also invited everyone to share their self care promises online, empowering the viewers to take the step towards taking care of themselves even in the smallest ways.

Promoting a holistic approach to health is a big part of Sanofis Panata, and encouraging others to practice self care is a part of this. Jill Ong-Lim, Group Brand Manager of Sanofi Consumer Healthcare shared, We need to realize that self sare in itself is the goal. Not just for others, but just for yourself.

Janeena Chan moderated the discussion, sharing her own experience and tips for practicing self care. Your reality is shaped within your mind, so as long as you know that you can get back up again, youll be okay.

For Lynn Pinugo, its important that we know the difference between self soothing and self care. Self soothing are those emergency routines that we do when were feeling bad, while self care are the things that you do so you build emotional agility. For self care, its the things you do so you dont gas out, its more for the long term.

As a mom, Michelle Aventajado also pointed out that self care can be anything simple. Self care can be so many things. For me, its waking up early enough and having quiet time for myself, reading my bible and drinking coffee. For me, its to rest when Im tired, stop when Im overwhelmed, pause and reflect. And when my kids see me doing that, Im setting an example.

The event was attended by over 100 participants who shared their own self care promises via the comments section.

Sanofi Philippines encourages everyone to make their own self care promises via and share them on Instagram, tagging, with the hashtags #SelfCarePromise, #ISCD21, and #HealthierPhilippines.

Watch the video here: