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Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus: The Premium Quality Bangus That Every Filipino Love


Seafood like Milkfish or Bangus has always been a favorite to many especially Filipinos because of having an abundant supply in the agricultural and fisheries sector. It is also our country’s national fish. Due to many issues like marine pollution and illegal fishing, it is now hard to find fresh quality seafood. But you don’t need to worry seafood lovers because Sarangani Bay  can provide you the fresh frozen fish that you want.

About Sarangani Bay

Sarangani Bay is the most trusted and largest processor of premium quality bangus and other processed seafood products. It is also the country’s largest exporter of the said products. Sarangani Bay is not only the most trusted and largest in our country but also a favorite overseas such as in United States, Canada, Guam, Australia, China and Middle East.

Synonymous to the brand name is Sarangani Bay, the marine sanctuary of the premium quality bangus and is located at Southern Mindanao. The clean and fresh water of Sarangani Bay is bred by the Alsons Aquaculture Corporation—the only integrated farm to market fish processing operations in the country.

Sarangani Bay’s Products

There are numerous options to choose from among Sarangani Bay’s products ranging from Marinated, Unseasoned, Frozen and Cooked bangus products. One of the their must try-products are the interesting yet delicious bangus sisig, boneless tocino, and boneless tapa. 

Fresh Frozen 

It’s not true that “fresh” fish is always better than frozen fish. Seafood should be frozen as soon as possible after being caught but cost and logistics make this difficult for many fishermen. Often fresh fish is NOT fresh as it may have sat on insufficient ice for days before reaching the market

Commercially packaged frozen fish can taste as good as fresh caught harvests because they are carefully “fresh frozen” within a very short time after being caught, locking in freshness and flavor.

Sarangani Bay Process

To maintain the freshness of the fish products, Sarangani Bay practices the cold chain management that is critical in maintaining the premium quality they offer compared to other fish processors.

Here are some Sarangani Bay Premium Bangus Products that me and my family have tried:

Smoked Milkfish


Boneless Milkfish Belly


Marinated Baby Milkfish


Boneless Milkfish Marinated


All of them taste really good but my most favorite is the Spicy Marinated Baby Milfish.


The Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus that was delivered to me was really fresh. No wonder a lot people loving it.

Benefits of Seafood

Seafood provides various health benefits due to the vitamins and minerals it contains such as iron, zinc, iodine, vitamin B1, folic acid, and especially the omega-3 fatty acids that is known to prevent heart diseases.

The fat in seafood also combat other disease such as  Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, Lupus, Prostate tumors and Breast cancer. 

Apart from the nutrients seafood offers, it also helps to easily achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle because it has less calories and fat compared to chicken, pork, and beef.


The best way to enjoy fresh frozen fish is to select brands sold by established seafood processors with a reputation for consistently excellent quality like Sarangani Bay. To know more about Sarangani Bay, visit 


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