Satisfy Your Pinoy Snack Cravings With Prifood, Now Available On Shopee!

Ever find yourself craving for something at the most random times of the day? Well, count me in! Filipinos love to eat. This appetite has turned classic Pinoy treats into go-to snacks to satisfy cravings and food habits.

I’m so happy that I can now satisfy my pinoy snack craving with Prifood through Shopee! Yes, you read it right. Prifood is now available on Shopee! I really love shopping on Shopee because it’s super convenient for me and they have great deals and discounts.

These snacks from Prifood can be yournew go-to munchiesto satisfy your cravings whenever, wherever.

Super Delights Brownie Bites 200g (Bundle of 3)

Enjoy our brownies that are full of chocolatey and fudgy goodness in every bite! Uses only premium chocolate chips and quality ingredients to give a moist chocolatey and chewy snack. Just the right amount of sweetness that surely everyone will love!

Super Crunch Corn Chips Sweetcorn Flavor 55g (Bundle of 5)

Super Crunch Corn Chips have always been a fan favourite. This is because of its great crunch and addicting line of flavours.

Snackers Nachos Cheese Flavor 500g

he best crunchy and yummy snack for every occasion, whether it be watching movies at home, hanging out with friends, or going on outdoor activities! It’s everything you need to have a good time alone or with a big group!

Super Delights Mini Choco Chip Cookies 175g (Bundle of 3)

A go-to snack that’s crunchy, chocolatey, and covered in premium chocolate chips.

Super Delights Butterscotch Bites 280g (Bundle of 2)

Two flavors mean double the fun with our chocolatey and milky-caramel flavors of Super Delights Browniescotch, made with premium chocolate chips and caramel chips that anyone cant resist.

Super Crunch Chipcharon Suka’t Sili Flavor 32g (Bundle of 5)

A delicious and guilt-free snack made of green peas but with the texture and crunch of chicharon without the added guilt. It is available in three flavors that surely people will love: Lechon Kawali, Sukat Sili, and Pinoy Bawang.

Prifood is a snack food manufacturer in the Philippines that started in the corn chip line and expanded into producing other products like bakery products and other snack chips. Prifood continuously expands its product lines to be able to provide its consumers with the highest quality products at the best value.

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