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Sharp Better Solutions For A Better Life 2

Technology plays a significant role in our everyday lives. That is why Sharp Philippines Corporation continues to introduce products that aim to incorporate ease and convenience into the Filipinos household.  Their products are categorized into four sections, or what they refer to as Solutions – that seek to address the needs of consumers. From Entertainment Solution, Clean and Comfort Solution, Health and Beauty Solutions and Business Solution.

Last November 28, 2019 at the Madison Events Place complement those that were launched earlier in July. Though SHARP’s global direction is to bring in the latest products with 8k and AloT technology, the company also devotes its resources in coming up with item packed with technologies that enables efficiency, provides comfort and promotes good health.

Entertainment Solution

SHARP now presents its Artificial Intelligence of Things (AloT) series of full HD and 4k HDR Android Televisions. Eligible Android TVs are Google Assistant ready, enabling users to interact with their devices and perform tasks such as playing music/videos, searching for the latest news among others, all hands-free. The new line of Android TVs comes with features such as Comfort Mode, a special AV Mode that reduces 50& of blue light. It aslo has an Advance Bluetooth version, which allows users to connect the television to their external Bluetooth speakers.

SHARP also presents AQUOS Sound Partner AN-SX7A sound system. It is compatible with a wide variety of devices and is extremely portable. The Acoustic Vibration System provides powerful sound and heavy bass, ensuing an immersive audio-visual experience that is perfect for when you are playing video games or enjoying the latest shows on Netflix.

Clean And Comfort Solutions

Personal hygiene is an important aspects in a Filipino’s life. Apart from ensuring the cleanliness of our own being, we want this to be reflected in our homes as well, a place considered as a sanctuary for individuals and families alike.

SPC has your well-being in mind; that is why they develop products that help achieve and maintain a fresh, comfortable environment. These are: Washing Machines, Reactive Air Vacuum Cleaner, Mite Catcher, Air-conditioner with AloT J-Tech Technology and Air Purifier/Cleaner equipped with SHARP’s original Plasma cluster Ion Technology,

Health and Beauty Solution

With Sharp’s Healsio Hotcook, healthy cooking is made possible as the natural moisture and original flavor from ingredients together with its nutritional values are retained, compared to conventional cooking. Dishes are hassle-free with automatic control and various cooking programs depending on your menu, just place all the necessary ingredients and wait until it is finished.

Beauty appliances for women, such as the Hair Dryers, Hair Iron and Curling Iron was launched. With Plasma cluster feature lessens dirt and prevents hair damage. The Massager on the other hand, reduces dry scalp and keeps our hair healthy.

Business Solution

SHARP also has dedicated products that cater to the corporate though their dynamic displays that project clear and beautiful images for application as digital signage or for business meetings via the internet.

SHARP has also acquired and further developed the Dynabook Laptop, designed for business professionals and workplace environments. Combing their technologies (displays, sensors, etc.) with that of Toshiba, they seek to produce market-leading computers and other devices. The Dynabook features a thin design with long-lasting battery and is related with MIL-STD-810G for outmost durability.

Committed to quality and innovation, SHARP will continue develop products that will bring Better Solution for a Better Life to consumers.



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