Show Off Your Shume-Chef Sa Sarap Creations With The #AngSarapNga Tiktok Challenge

Have you heard of how you can transform your cooking skills and make ordinary dishes shume-chef sa sarap with Nestl矇 Carnation Evap? If so, then you should join in and let the world know about your kitchen experiments and cooking achievements by joining the #AngSarapNga Tiktok Challenge!

This ongoing Tiktok craze was started by home-chef Ang Sarap Grabe who inspired other cooking enthusiasts when she shared her Milky Chicken Pastel recipe to see if talagang shume-chef at angat sa milky namnam ang kahit anong lutuin, basta may Nestl矇 Carnation Evap.

Not long after, the bloggers recipe video intrigued many Tiktok food and lifestyle content creators who also tested how Nestl矇 Carnation Evap can take their dishes to a whole new level of milky namnam and showcased their creations to their followers. This started a Tiktok trend where people experimented how they can incorporate Nestl矇 Carnation Evap to their recipes to achieve shume-chef sa sarap levels.

@tonirmorales’s Milky-creamy Leche Flan Cheesecake | @cathrena.chen’s CREAMY-MILKY PUMPKIN SOUP | @sherrillhannaah’s Milky-Creamy Chicken Bistek with Mushroom

Made with more milk than ever (versus previous formulation), Nestl矇 Carnation Evap does wonders to your cooking and lets you bring out that milky-namnam taste in every bite. From the simplest everyday ulam to the most elaborate handa, Nestl矇 Carnation Evap adds that milky namnam goodness that takes your cooking from ordinary to unforgettable. Packed in an easy open, resealable packaging for ease of use, Nestl矇 Carnation Evap lets you easily whip up those milky-creamy creations that will get you exclaiming #AngSarapNga!

See for yourself how #AngSarapNga basta may Nestl矇 Carnation Evap. Check out these recipes of our budding home chefs: Chicken Mami by Ninong Ry; Cheesy Chicken Parmesan by Franzie V; and Pininyahang Manok by Khim Dancel.

Try out how Nestle Carnation Evap can elevate your dishes to shume-chef levels and get a chance to win P20,000 cash and gift pack from Ang Sarap Grabe! Just share your recipes in Tiktok using the #AngSarapNga! If you want to know how to join, click this link to learn how.Check out Nestl矇 Carnation Evap at leading groceries, drug stores, on Lazada or Shopee. For the latest news and updates, visit